Pillion riders should also wear helmet: LHC

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In a fresh development, the judge of Lahore High Court (LHC), Ali Akbar Qureshi has ordered the authorities to crack down on bikers if their pillion is not wearing a helmet; whether the pillion is a man, woman, child or elderly.

The court has directed the authorities to implement traffic rules and regulations with full force. Moreover, under the new order, more than two people will not be allowed to travel on the bike. These orders have been directed by the court when the traffic police presented the report of previous orders which the court gave to them.

Earlier the court directed, the traffic police of Lahore to not let underage drivers roam the roads of the city as it is not only dangerous for their own sake, but for others as well. Furthermore, on the court’s order, action against people who don’t wear a helmet is in full swing, and the authority has issued many tickets in this regard.

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As per the details, traffic police, until now has issued 171577 tickets to the violators who don’t wear a helmet. The report also reveals that due to this crackdown people have started wearing helmet and traffic accidents have also been reduced.

It is to be noted here that Labour or Construction caps will not be considered as helmets and tickets will be issued if someone is wearing it while riding a bike, the court asserted.

Not only the authorities in Punjab are going after people who are not wearing helmets or violating traffic rules, but the same is also happening in Islamabad and Sindh, especially in Karachi.

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