Online ride-hailing services to be banned across Sindh

Uber careem

During a provincial meeting on Monday 22nd October 2018, the Sindh Transport Minister Awais Qadir, while discussing the traffic in Karachi and other ongoing development projects, ordered Uber and Careem to get their Karachi route permits from the provincial government. For this, they will be given seven days duration, otherwise, they will be ordered to cease their operations across Sindh.

The decision was followed by an incident, where a girl faced harassment from the driver during her trip in one of the ride-hailing services at Shahra-e-Faisal in Karachi.


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Last year, the ride-hailing companies were asked to obtain permits under Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1965, but according to one of the officials, “Only a memorandum of understanding was signed [between the government and the companies]; after that, nothing happened.”

This isn’t the first time that Uber and Careem were given orders to cease their operations. Earlier, as well, the provincial government claimed that Careem and Uber weren’t abiding by the laws, and the cars weren’t registered with any regulatory body.

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Notable Replies

  1. Well... Sometimes, Policy makers ki Aqal p Matam karnay ka Dill Karta hai! Maslay Masail ka hall nai nikalna; siray hi sey ka'am aur ma'amla hi khatam kar do, taa' k maslay hoon hi na!

    Inhein kuj aur na sujhay to harr uss cheez k peechay parr jatay hain, jiss sey aam aadmi ko ratti brabar b faida ho raha ho! I am thinking, kahein ye normal taxi drivers ko nawaznay ki sajish to nai, jo awaam ko zaleel kar k luutnay ka koi mauqa janay nai daitay! At least, these services and their drivers, neither loot general public, nor ridicule them!

    Other than peak hours, fares are almost same for these services, khwaa garmi ho, sardi ho, barish ho, etc. They even give promos, discounts, etc. Can we expect the same from the normal taxi drivers? Unhein khulli chhut di gye hai k jub marzi, jitna marzi charge karein, aur zalalat alaehda!

    Do all the normal taxi drivers have route permits? Are they got checked often? Do they follow their route permits in true sense? Are their taxis up to the mark, as per Careem / Uber? Is there any fare deciding and monitoring mechanism for them? Do they behave well with their customers? Are they well mannered and well educated? Can one feel safe and secured with them, especially when travelling with ladies or family? Do they charge the same in day, night, rain, thunderstorm, etc.?

    My answer would be a Big NO!

    I have lots of Respect for Women and No offense to anyone, but as far as this is concerned, a Senior Psychologist should have tried to probe that lady, as to what actually happened? (Might be she got panicked instead of harassed). Similarly for driver, he must also be asked and inquired. If he literally harassed and is found guilty, then he must be dealt with severely with full force and up to max. extent. But aik incident ki basis p services hi band kar daina, ye kahan ka insaaf hai?

    Kya normal taxi drivers ney kabhi harrass karnay ki koshish nai ki, ya harrass kia ho? Their ratio will be quite higher, and on the basis of that, their services should also be closed, along with cancellation of route permits.

    Aap ride hailing services, as well as normal taxis ko bound karein k wo car k ander, roof k sath cameras install karein jo audio + video dono record karein, taa k issues hoon hi Na! Aur koi ilzaam na lgaa sakay, but at the same time, ensuring privacy (No compromise over that!)

    Authorities should try to find solutions to the problems, instead of closing / shutting down the services altogether!

    One more thing, if anyone could relate harassment with route permits (since as per this blog, the decision was followed by the harassment incident), kindly also explain me. Since mera limited knowledge inn mein koi b relation find karnay sey Qasir hai!

  2. Good decision there must b rules for private taxi organizations

  3. typical knee jerk reaction to get a briefcase from uber/careem and then silence till next incident. only valued because its a woman who highlighted. why they didnt impose laws or take notice when careem drivers were shot, beaten, killed?

  4. qwertz says:

    At least the cab hailing services operate motor vehicles which we all use. What our LEA should do is check the herds of bike-rickshaws (chingchis) on the roads. They are mostly driven by teen age boys with no traffic sense or awareness of law. On multiple occasions I have seen them moving across the road without knowing how to do that and / or driving on the wrong side of the road/ lane. Even if these monsters cost more than 100,000 bucks, how can they be allowed to screw up a car with average price tag of 2M rupees? This is of course not the only factor bothering motorists across the country, things like total negligence of others presence on roads is all too evident from the driving styles of these chingchis. The courts should take a suo moto action against them. Unless these teenagers are old enough to obtain a license and then properly trained in traffic laws, they should not be allowed to disrupt the traffic with total disregard for human life and property.

  5. My experience with both has been good, I have booked it for myself, my parents and my other family members. Till now none has reported any issue.

    Regulations should be there, whatever business it is. But shutting down is not the solution. If the government provides good public transport then they can back their decision but with the current situation of public transport, this is not an acceptable act.

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