Toyota IMC opens booking of its cars

Toyota IMC has opened the booking of its cars for its customers, as per a notice published in local newspapers.

The company, in a bid to revise its prices after recent rupee devaluation, halted the booking of its cars and now as it has bumped the prices, the booking has been opened once again. In the notice, IMC has mentioned that the company has not burdened the customers much and has decided to bear the burden of the price hike with the consumers.

Moreover, it also said that the customers who are waiting for their cars to be delivered in October and November and have made full payment, will not have to pay the extra sum and the company will bear the all the additional charges. We encourage the people to pay only partial payment at the time of booking of the car.

See the notice below:

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The new prices of Toyota cars are as follow:

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Notable Replies

  1. khurem says:

    So kind of them. We are indebted.

  2. soka6 says:

    Baki duniya main price increase sae taqreeban 2 maheenae pehlae bataya jata ha aur customer ko poora moqa dia jata ha kae woh kam qeemat per cheeze abhi lain lae .pakistan main ziada badmashi ha .

  3. haaziq says:

    I fail to understand why these companies are getting vehicles booked, vehicles should be available at showrooms for ready sale, they are not even able to fulfill the demand and keep on getting new orders. They should be banned from getting new orders till the time they ensure that one can go to a showroom and purchase a vehicle at spot after paying in full, in this way un necessary burden on the consumer for price hike will be eliminated.

  4. CCP Imposed fine on HCAR & PSMC

    The Competition Commission of Pakistan has imposed fine of Rs. 175 Million & Rs. 155 Million to Pakistan Suzuki Motor Company & Honda Atlas Cars respectively on connection with rising of prices without intimation and found illegal.

    The Competition Commission said that the majority of the parts of the both companies are produced now inside the Pakistan and both raised prices 5th time on back of rupee devaluation which is not justified. Notices were issued to both companies but no silent answer was found.

    CCP further said the notice's also issued to Indus Motor's Pakistan and they are looking into matter.

  5. Brother here in our country, Direct retail market model / Demand-pull model of operation (based on the ‘pull’ model) is being followed (where cars are only produced when an order is placed), instead of Wholesale market model (based on the ‘push’ model). Many countries follow Wholesale market model, in which manufacturers sell stock cars (variants with most commonly demanded specifications) to dealers, who resell these new vehicles to consumers.

    CCP in its recommendations has also proposed Govt. to make policies in such a manner that supply-push based wholesale automotive market is favored.

    [If someone wants more details, he / she may have a look at:

    especially paras 59-72 (pages 16/32 to 20/32), and conclusions and recommendations (from pages 28/32 to 32/32)]

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