Toyota IMC announces price increase effective from Nov 2018

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Following the recent rupee devaluation, one of the local automakers Toyota Indus Motor Company has increased the prices of its vehicle line-up with a great difference.

According to the circular revealing price increase, the difference in new prices for November and December is between 50,000 (lowest) to 175,000 (highest). The company has given different prices for bookings or deliveries that will be made between October and December 2018. And from January onwards, the price structure will change once again.

Furthermore, according to the terms and conditions, the customers who are to get their cars delivered in October, and November 2018 and have made the partial payment at the time of booking will have to pay 50% of increased Retail Sale Price (RSP); however, the new RSP will not be applied to those who have made full payment at the booking time. And for the December bookings, the 50% of the new RSP will be applied to both partial and full payment.

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Moreover, from January 2019, the car prices will be revised once again with a great difference by up to 350,000 rupees (highest).

Given below is the new price list:

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