Prepare Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioner For Sweltering Pakistani Summer Season

8 722

The summer season has arrived in Pakistan in its full glory. Temperature across Pakistani is averaging well over 30 degree Celsius. In most parts of the country, the temperature is somewhere around 35 degree and in some regions, it is about to touch 40 degrees. And if the weather trend remained the same for next couple of months, we might be seeing temperature as high as 50 degrees in many parts of the country.

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And our vehicles are one thing that take a lot beating from such harsh weather conditions. And the air conditioner system of our vehicles is one thing that shields us from the furiousness of such extreme summers. It makes sure your journey is bearable and that you reach your destination without sweating a bucket. So in order to make sure your car’s A/C unit provides best possible cooling, here are few things you should get checked before you end up facing the summer heat in its full force.

Cleaning the A/C condenser

The A/C condenser is a thin radiator like unit placed in front of your car’s actual radiator. The condenser is basically a heat exchange unit. The condenser’s job is to cool down and condense incoming refrigerant vapor into liquid. Modern condensers are usually made up of aluminum. The refrigerant absorbs heat when flowing through the evaporator. The condenser releases absorbed heat into the atmosphere and cooling the refrigerant as a result.

Since the condenser is situated right in front of the car, it is very common for the unit to get dirty. Just like the radiator, the condenser also has fins on it for quick exchange of heat. Dirt, grime, and mud starts to accumulate in the fins, reducing the performance of the A/C unit drastically. Make sure you get the condenser cleaned regularly. If you take your car to the service station weekly, ask the guy with the water hose to give the condenser a thorough wash. The pressurized water will remove all the dirt and dust, cleaning the fins and in return improving the overall performance of the A/C unit.


car ac condenser

Cleaning the cabin filter

Just like your car’s air filter, its cabin filter needs periodic inspection as well. The cabin filter is there to make sure you don’t find dead leaves or dirt flying in front of you inside the cabin. It catches dust, pollen and other airborne material that can make riding in a car unpleasant. It is best to get it cleaned or replaced every year before the summer season starts. Some filters are washable and reusable, whereas some are not. Check your car’s owner manual for proper procedure. Also, not all cars have cabin filters. You will find them absent in many old cars and even in some new cars.

Complete checkup

In case you are still not satisfied with the performance of the air conditioning unit of your vehicle, take it to a qualified A/C technician for a thorough inspection. He will check for the leaks in the system and also the refrigerant pressure. The refrigerant gas can slowly leak if you don’t use the A/C for the extended duration of time (winters etc.). Also, maybe the compressor is giving up and needs replacement. The A/C technician will also remove the blower motor assembly and give it a proper cleaning. If there is no cabin filter in your car, you will find a lot of dust, dirt and dead leaves in the blower assembly. Your heating core will be cleaned as well.

These are just a few things that can help you get through the unforgiving Pakistani summers. Happy motoring.

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  1. Muneeb says

    Applying pressure water on condenser from the front some times lead to the dirt stuck between the fins, best way is to remove radiator and apply pressure water from backside. Also too much pressure will bend the fins.

  2. Kamran Gill says

    can anybody tell me user Manual of Suzuki Alto 660cc (Automatic) Japan. 2007 Model.
    anybody plzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Guest says

    A/C (factory-fitted) does not work in Pakistani summer at all. It keeps struggling to maintain the temperature inside the cabin to around 30 degrees centigrade, which is way too hot.

    Pakistan has extremely hot summer with temperatures past 55 degrees (centigrade) in many areas. In other countries of the world, summers are not so hot except the middle east. In the middle east, the resale value of gulf spec cars is higher. What does “gulf spec” mean? Gulf spec only means that the A/C system is an upgrade model which is able to withstand the exceptional heat of the middle east summer.

    Manufacturers in Pakistan should also market the cars with gulf-spec A/C, not with useless A/C which struggles to provide 30 degree. Although the cabin should not become a deep freezer, the A/C should be able to maintain a 20 or 24 degrees centigrade without killing itself.

  4. Guest says

    My mehran ain’t got no ac. LOOL. I drive hardcore.

  5. Gulfam says

    LoL @ “Manufacturers in Pakstan should do ……..”
    Manufacturers are here to get as much money out of people’s pocket as they can, and not to facilitate these people. Pakistani awaam ko khush karna koi mushkil baat nahi in manufacturers k liye. Take the example of limited edition cultus, which had almost nothing but the awaam were so happy about it and bragging and praising it.

    Pata nahi kya hoga is awaam ka.

  6. Fahad says

    Any best car A.c service centre in lahore for Mira E.S 2011?

  7. Fayez Najeeb says

    I don’t know which FF AC you’re referring but I have local Alto and it’s AC is very good!

  8. X Auto says

    Good Point !

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