Prince Pearl Exclusive Walk-Around – Price, Specs and Features

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Prince Pearl is a new entrant in the small affordable hatchback market of Pakistan. Direct competitors of Prince Pearl are United Bravo and Suzuki Alto. The two cars being reviewed are CBU units for test drives and to give an idea about what Prince Pearl will look like once it is available to purchase. Since it is an entry-level hatchback, people have been anticipating about its features and specifications for a long time which this article covers. Prince is expanding its dealership network to make the Pearl hatchback a success in Pakistan. The launch price of Prince Pearl will be around PKR 1 million. Prince will also offer Pearl for a test drive, and the dealership network will expand to sixteen showrooms by the end of this year.


The new Prince Pearl 2019 boasts an aerodynamic and sleek shape with curves at the right places. You can find fog lamps integrated into the front bumper. The halogen headlamps are huge and contain the daytime running lights (DRLs). The pronounced curves can also be seen on either side of Prince Pearl. Side mirrors are body-colored and house indicators. The rear bumper contains reflectors. Prince Pearl also comes with 13-inch alloy rims.


When we look at the interior, Prince Pearl is packed with features. On the driver’s door, you can find controls for power windows and locks. Under the steering on the right side, you can find buttons for the hydraulic trunk, fog lamps, and power side mirrors. Behind the steering wheel is a digital instrument cluster which looks futuristic. There are wooden accents throughout the cabin, and you can find them on the steering wheel, doors, and the dashboard as well. These wooden accents give the interior a premium look. Prince is offering two types of interiors in the Pearl hatchback. One is finished in wooden trim, and the other is finished in silver trim. The silver trim gives the hatchback a sporty and modern look.

The center of the dashboard has a 5.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system. The infotainment system has screen mirroring, Bluetooth, and SD card connectivity. Below the infotainment system, there are controls for the air conditioning. There is a central armrest for the driver, and the seats are in a fabric finish. There are numerous compartments throughout the interior to hold items. Passenger and driver airbags will be an optional feature in Prince Pearl. 

The door locks and handles are finished in chrome, which again makes the interior seem premium. Headlight controls are given on the left side of the steering. Controls for windshield wipers are given on the right side of the steering. There are dual headrests at the rear, and there is just about enough space to seat two to three passengers. Speakers for the audio unit are given in the doors. Seatbelts are also given for the rear passengers. There is a spare tyre with a shelf to cover the items in the trunk.

Engine and transmission

The new Prince Pearl will come with 800cc naturally aspirated engine. The engine is paired with a 4-speed manual transmission. Prince claims that the engine is fuel-efficient and will return 18 km/l. The capacity of the fuel tank is 27 liters which are ample for a small hatchback.

This was a brief overview of the new Prince Pearl to give you an idea about what to expect when it gets released at the end of September. Till then, stay tuned to know more about Prince Pearl and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Sharjeel says

    Beautiful car

  2. Nay says

    Beautiful car

  3. Yusuf says

    What about automatic transmission?

  4. Syed zeeshan ahmed says

    too expensive if its worth 1 million,

  5. Wajahat Khan says

    you missed to inform us how is drive and about car pickup as similar with Mehran pickup ?

  6. mehboob says

    what about automatic transmission

  7. Sohail says

    Nice one. What is the price for automatic transmission?

  8. Tahir Muhammad says

    very similar to honda city 18km/l mileage, not worth as no option for auto transmission and cng kit not available

  9. Abdul Wahab Butt says

    This is a walk around Mate not full owner or detailed review.

  10. Abdul Wahab Butt says

    ap Mehran 9.25 Lacs ki aur Alto Tin 12+ lacs py khush?

  11. Junaid Jabbar says

    Quite Expensive!!

  12. Engr. Muhammad Khan Bhatti says

    Need auto transmission also

  13. Xahid says

    Beautiful Design, I hope Prince Succeed!

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