Prince Pearl First CKD unit rolled out – Latest Pictures, Launch Date & Price

Prince Pearl 2020

The much-awaited 800cc hatchback, Prince Pearl has been rolled out by the company in the ceremony held in its manufacturing plant on 19th December 2019. As per the details, Prince Pearl will be launched on 1st Feb 2020.

Price Pearl Pictures:

Prince PearlPrince Pearl Exterior PakWheelsPrince Pearl Exterior PakWheelsPrince Pearl Interior PakWheels

Prince Pearl Engine PakWheelsPrince Pearl Interior PakWheels

Prince Pearl Exterior PakWheelsPrince Pearl Interior PakWheelsPrince Pearl Interior PakWheelsPrince Pearl Interior PakWheelsPrince Pearl Interior PakWheelsPrince Pearl Interior PakWheelsPrince Pearl Exterior PakWheelsPrince Pearl Exterior PakWheels

Prince Pearl has a naturally aspirated 800 cc engine mated to a 4-speed manual transmission. As per the company’s claim, it’s a fuel-efficient hatchback that will offer up to 18 km per liter. Moreover, the hatchback would be packed with several futuristic features, including:

Prince Pearl Features and Specification

  • Power windows
  • Power steering
  • Digital instrument cluster
  • Premium wooden/silver trim interior
  • A 5.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system
  • Bluetooth and SD card connectivity
  • Screen mirroring feature
  • Air conditioning system
  • Centre armrest
  • Storage compartments and cup holders
  • Fabric seats
  • Driver and passenger airbags (optional)
  • Chrome inner door handles
  • Dual rear-seat headrests
  • Seat belts (front + rear)
  • Spare tire
  • Daytime running lights (DRL’s)
  • 13-inch alloy rims
  • Body-colored side mirrors with integrated turn signals
  • Rear bumper reflectors
  • Body-colored outside door handles

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  • Abdul Rehman

    It s about 2 years, u r giving date for launching
    & Price still not available
    Keep in mind no 1 will buy it 1 Rs more than the price of bravo

  • Zaid Malek

    Where is the manufacturing unit? How can I book this car?

  • Kashif Akbar

    There is a good chance for PEARL to come with customer friendly makeup.other side, Suzuki is raising prices like hell-fire and people are already sick of them. i suggest Pearl to be sensible in pricing and wise not to roll out with body faults like Bravo. people need an economical and budget car that is worth to own. we need to get rid of assemblers and support those who aim to be manufacturers.

  • Nay

    maroon color looks amazing. Hopefully they will launch auto variant also.

  • Khizer

    Looks like something better than the KIA Picanto. Looking forward/Enthusiastic about this car.

  • Ali Rizwan

    Price please

  • Ibrahim Khan

    Well the price will be 1.4 million.
    Bravo was considered to compete mehran but idk what homework they did to launch it on that price and just failed to take place of mehran. If prince didnot studied the statistics of Bravo the result will be same.

  • Ahmed

    Ugly and pathetic interior.

  • Tahir

    The panel gaps in car are very inconsistent and the fit and finish looks below average, the interiors seem well designed for a budget hatchback but those wood trims scream cheap, it would have looked better sans those but this car seems to have really good features for a supposedly cheap car. This car can be very sucessful if the base price is kept below 1 million.

  • Tahir

    A car with 800cc NA engine and 4 speed manual in this day and age seems ancient thought when look at other cars in countries where things like 5 speed transmissions, airbags, ABS etc. are a norm even in the most basic car but in Pakistan manufacturers can still get away with 4 speed manual in 2020.

  • documents 313

    Automatic Transmission? ABS? Airbags Optional :p? ESC? Collision Control? – All of the options are available in Japanese 600cc variants such as Mira, Move, Dayz, Cast, Alto etc – why your technology is lacking despite having cheapest workforce as compared to Japan. —— Reason: Greedy attitude / high profit seeking attitude – Pakistani Industrialists want ROI period to be 6 months

  • Khurram

    I dont think so the price of this car would be below 1 million, as they already launched Atlo 660 cc and its price already touching 1.3 million

  • nouman

    you must be a fool if you are comparing Japanese cars wit this precious prince pearl and by the japan is 150 years ahead if you compare them Pakistan Japan is developed modern country and their are competing with world in terms of modern technology in various different fields where Pakistan is under developing state with 100% corruption in Every institute of Pakistan as a Pakistani it feels so sad that even after getting independence in 1947 we are still standing nowhere honesty,truthfulness,tolerance,civilized true ethics these are basic four things which can transformS any country

  • Shahab Nasir

    Looks reasonable from the outside. But that wooden trim on the dashboard looks hideous. Couldnt they just leave it black or paint it silver if Chrome is too expensive

  • Abdul Rehman

    what about auto variant and when will it launch?

  • Siddique

    In Pearl i see booster brakes instead of ABS brakes, can you please elaborate is booster brakes competitive with ABS brake and can it avoid skidding in sudden quick brakes ?. as ABS avoid car skidding.