PSO provides the best engine oils for your car

We talk about engine oils and lubricants all the time and try to find the best oil for our vehicles; choosing the one that is not only reasonably priced, but also gives our cars and motorcycles the best possible protection. But why is it necessary to choose the best engine oil? There are a lot of things involved in the operation of an internal combustion engine. There are a lot of metal moving parts, which cause friction and engine oil works against that friction.

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Lubricating engine oils are used for lubrication of internal combustion engines. The main function of lubricant in an engine is to reduce friction and wear between the moving parts and to clean the engine from sludge and varnish caused due to high temperatures. It neutralizes corrosive acids that originate from fuel and from the oxidation of the lubricant, improves sealing of piston rings, and cools the engine by carrying heat away from metallic moving parts.

The primary function of engine lubricant is to provide ultimate complete protection to engine metal parts. These engine oils are based on refined base oils in combination with performance additives to enhance the performance of the oil. Those additives might include, detergents, anti-wear agents, dust and dirt dispersants, and viscosity index improvers to name a few.

PSO offers an amazing line of lubricating engine oils for cars and SUVs.

PSO Carient Fully Synthetic SAE 5W30 API SN/CF

carient_fully_syntheticPSO Carient Fully Synthetic motor oil is based on Uniform Molecular Technology of full synthetic base stocks that provides a smooth layer of lubricant between the surfaces sliding over each other hence reducing friction and providing ultimate fuel efficiency. PSO Carient Fully Synthetic is applicable on all kinds of precisely engineered modern passenger and sports cars.

PSO Carient Ultra SAE 10W40 API SM/CF

carient_ultraPSO Carient Ultra is a premium quality synthetic formula fortified with Advance Additive Component Technology. PSO has developed Carient Ultra for high speed four stroke turbocharged or naturally aspirated gasoline engines. It is equally suitable for all types of stationary and off-road gasoline engines.

PSO Carient Plus SAE 20W-50 API SG/CD

carient_plusPSO Carient Plus is a superior multi-grade engine oil formulated to meet the requirements of gasoline and diesel engines. PSO Carient Plus is recommended for use in passenger car engines including gasoline and turbocharged diesel engines.


It is paramount that you always get the original motor oil for your car. A good engine oil not only extends the life of your vehicle’s internal combustion engine, but also reduces the maintenance costs. Make sure you get the best protection for your car and SUV.


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