Punjab government yellow cabs are not being used as a taxi

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When Punjab government announced the yellow cab scheme once again, we termed it Pak Suzuki’s bailout plan due to the obvious reasons and the lesson from the past but government’s short-sightedness and hasty attempt to create jobs plunged economy further into abyss as a eagle-eyed Pakwheeler caught a women driving the Mehran won from the yellow cab scheme recently.

The problem is that the women is not in fact driving it as a taxi but instead is using it as a private vehicle to probably drop her kids off to school. Why else would you scratch the taxi signs and stickers off the car than?

If you look closely, all the stickers of yellow cab are poorly scratched off the doors while the roof-carrier and the cab’s light on the roof has been ripped off leaving little traces of it.

The use of these vehicles was expected since the Nawaz Sharif’s government had launched a similar scheme back in the 90s during their regime which proved to be a disaster impending billions of rupee lost to banks and economy.

Last year, a court sentenced a yellow cab scheme cheat for 14 years in prison after being found guilty of releasing 67 cars whose payment was not cleared.

Pictures by; xenerking

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  1. saad says

    aur khud kehtay hain k
    hum bayroz gar is orat par lanat kutti ki bachi ghasti
    agar is orat ko meray samnay laya jai toh do kan k nichay maroun ga

  2. Nasir says

    And then we blame the poor Government,
    Shahbaz Sharif should have invested that money in Education sector, Sigh

  3. Ali says

    jin ki nahi nikli unho ne tu esa he kehna hay bhai …. anyways , i think its an effective scheme for promoting the unemployed educated youngsters to work and earn for betterment of the nation…. good work done by Mr. Shahbaax Shareef.

  4. Mohsin Jawwad Sarwar says

    Dear one thing that I always feel is our bloody politicians want to make the educated youth to become a taxi driver and those having fake degrees the policy makes.

  5. Ahmed Jamal says

    Ye gunjay bohat harami hen

  6. Urlimousine Taxi says

    nice post. I m impressed this blog. thanks for sharing this blog.

  7. Hassan Raza Peracha says

    It only shows the thinking of our public that they buy a taxi and use it personally. How can we find honest leaders if we are corrupt, leaders are from us. Whole Nation is Corrupt….

  8. Muhammad Usman says

    Wao you actually took pix while sitting in a car which costs 16-20 lacs…means you could afford to buy it..what is bothering you if a middle classed person is using its vehicle on personal matters??why you jumped to conclusions instantly k that lady is using it for her personal use..may be she is doing a pick drop service to school children!!!..what’s wrong in that if she removed stickers as she is regularly paying the monthly instalments. It’s good to have a platform like Pakwheels in country like pakistan but you don’t have to impose your likings and dis likings hers..please stay unbiased. It’s so disturbing you took pix of a vehicle driven by a lady.

  9. Usman Awan says

    Yes 70% of the people using these scheme cars are using it like taxis…but remaining are not..that doesn’t mean it could only be used as taxi..some are providing services as pick drop to school children,teachers,students. Either way people are earning from it. Atleast NS, SS provided poor and middle classed people a transport of their own on easy instalments which they were not able to buy on net cash or interest based bank instalments. Don’t just show one sided story of the picture. It’s alright if you don’t have it, but ask people how this scheme contributed and eased them. This thread is useless..duh

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