Rape Is The Reason Why Saudi Women Are Not Allowed To Drive

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I was searching the internet about why women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia when I came across an interesting news, which was downright outrageous. It was about a Saudi Historian who was justifying why there is a ban on driving for women in Saudi Arabia.

According to Saleh al-Saadoon, women in the U.S. and other foreign nations drive because they don’t care about being RAPED or being a victim of sexual harassment. However, women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive, because if the car breaks down they can get sexually assaulted, so unlike other foreign countries, Saudi government protects their women from that risk by not allowing them to drive.

This news was the most doleful justification they could give, women are not allowed to drive because they can get physically abused, joke of the century.

Let’s imagine it this way, a woman driving in Saudi Arabia far from home on an isolated highway should be worried about getting ambushed and harassed, rather than being worried about how to get home. That’s lame, it’s like men in Saudi Arabia don’t have anything better to do than waiting for a female victim who is driving in her car.

Another question that bothers me about this news is that, “How a female driving a car can be tempting for a man?” I mean there is nothing seductive about driving a four wheeled vehicle, so it’s irrational to relate driving of a car with being sexually harassed.

Women Rape Driving Saudi ArabiaDuring the interview when Al-Saadoon commented that women in the U.S. don’t care about being raped on the roadside, the host of the interview said, “Hold on. Who told you that they are not bothered about being raped on the roadside?”

The Saudi Historian answered this question with the most disagreeable statement, he says, for foreign women it is “no big deal being raped” it’s only damaging for their self-esteem, but in Saudi Arabia the problem has to be seen from social and religious nature. The guests on that show were surprised by his statement and the people world over are furious over this news.

It’s amusing that Saudi government thinks a woman driving a car can risk her self-esteem, I mean, look at their law; a rape victim is treated more horribly than the person who is guilty of that heinous crime.

Another interesting aspect of this news was that when the historian saw that his rape theory wasn’t convincing anyone, he tried another approach. He claimed that women in Saudi Arabia are treated as “Queens” so they are not supposed to drive, but they are driven around by the men of the family or male chauffeurs. At this approach, the host asked him that, “What if the male chauffeurs raped them?”

Al-Saadon agreed with her, but his answer was again an unreasonable one. He said that there is a solution to it, but the government doesn’t agree to hear it. His solution was that they should bring in female foreign chauffeurs to drive their wives around. The host of the interview covered her face with her palm and laughed at his solution.

Seriously, female foreign chauffeurs that’s the solution. Well, I don’t know how to express my feelings in words right now, but this was the height of ridiculousness, I mean female foreign chauffeurs are the solution. Yeah, right!

Maybe this historian has lost all of his senses, if a foreign female chauffeur drives the Saudi woman around what are the probabilities that they won’t be sexually assaulted and the offenders who are raping her will spare the Saudi lady. From his solution, I assumed only one thing that either the man was out his mind or was a big time jerk, as he stated in his interview that foreign women getting raped is no big deal. So by this it means only one thing, the self-esteem of a Saudi woman should be protected and she should not be touched, while a foreign woman can be treated like trash.

Seeing such kind of statements, from the people who rule the country where Islam originated from, is a shame. At times I think after reading such news that maybe the end of this world is near. The Saudi government should focus on making strict and harsh rules for rapist rather than putting a ban on driving for women or bringing in female foreign chauffeurs.

So here were my thoughts about this news, enlighten me with your opinion about this ridiculous argument by the Saudi Historian in the comments section below.

Here is the video of the interview:

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  1. sami says

    The western media always criticize the amputation of hand of a thief in arab….i think we being muslims should not criticize our arab brothers after all the atom bomb we feel proud of was funded by the arabs …our brothers…

  2. Omair Shahid says

    come on sami why shouldn’t we criticize these jerks i mean they are passing these stupid remarks of woman dont care about getting raped in other countries thats the stupidest statement i have ever heard woman should be allowed to drive it should be her decision so stop defending these stupid jerks

  3. shahaab says

    Well…the real thing is saudi government try to protect their women from any mishap that could effect them while driving being alone far away in remote areas of the country…this is their concern.
    Now what is the solution ?…well,firstly saudi women should be allowed to drive around for necessity…just like to pick n drop their children studying in schools and colleges….to buy immediate items from market stores,an emergency visit to hospital or bank etc.
    by giving permission to such “necessary drives” i think every unbiased reasonable folk will surely be agreed.

  4. shahaab says

    … another thing is if saudi regiem want to protect the modesty of women in their land then they have to protect and flourish the family unit of the society !!!…

    and this will happen only when government herself take the responsibility of every unmarried man or woman in the kingdom who can’t start their family out of financial or some other social reason and moving from ‘elder’ to older.
    if it will be done,the law against rape is so strict that no one will ever think of it even if he finds the opportunity.

  5. Fazal Wahab says

    Saudi’s are hypocrites. A saudi price want to spend a night with Kim Kadashian and ready to offer $1USD Millions for one day , But gets touchy and sensitive and want to protect their own women. Such a disrespect to the women as a whole.. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/celebritynews/11290052/Kim-Kardashian-offered-1m-to-spend-night-with-Saudi-prince.html

  6. Guest says

    Oh well! I got a lift from a LADY today. ^^

  7. Mustafa says

    Well Ive seen women driving and every time a woman driver comes near my car i am absolutely sure that shes going to t bone me. So yeah they should be banned 😛

  8. Mustafa says

    Jerks ? I only see one man with this point of view ? You should know that this guy doesnt represent the whole arab world 🙂

  9. Adnan says

    The West gives all sorts of rights and ease to women but at the same time women, at most, remain the victims of heinous crimes as well. Countries like Sweden, Belgium, New Zeland, US appear in the top 10 list with highest rates of rape in the world. I am sure it is not much of an issue for a Saudi women to drive or not but for poor countries like that of Asia, Africa it is important. It will be good to see PakWheels shed some light on the issues of women drivers in Pakistan. By the way this ban is most likely to be lifted soon in SA.

  10. Saboor Ali says

    LOL a girl can get raped if she drive a car wow what if a girl hire a taxi and taxi driver rapes her happened in india with a girl wow

  11. Omair Shahid says

    arab world no one is talking about arab world here this is just for Saudi Arabia not let there woman drive a car and giving these stupid excuses

  12. Bilal Qureshi says

    Anum, technically the Saudi historian is doing his job perfectly by offering social views from 1961. A historian’s job isn’t to look to the future (or present), but to simply relay outdated facts to support arguments.

    Good write up, btw.

  13. Anum Sharf says

    His outdated facts are outrageous, women should be treated equally Saudi women are no goddesses…if their morale needs to be protected so does the women of other nationalities 🙂 thanks for liking the piece.

  14. Bilal Qureshi says

    You know a good solution (which so far has seemed to work in Saudi Arabia) is Uber taxi. Articles reported the biggest reason uber took off in KSA was because of women who had limited mobility because of cultural restraints on driving.
    Given a bit of time, I think the problem of women not being allowed to drive will find an acceptable solution.

  15. Anum Sharf says

    I hope it does, but solutions like the one given above are simply hilarious.

  16. Guest123 says

    Instead of Kim Kardashian, that Saudi fuckeed Fazal Wahab asss for free. Lol

  17. umer says

    Is Fazal Wahab harami ko haar jaga bolnay ka adat hai. Apnay kam say kam rakho harami.

  18. Guesttt says

    Chup baitho gadhay ki nasal.

  19. Fazal Wahab says

    Thanks for the compliments

  20. zunair ameer says

    I often ask myself how can any woman be a Muslim With what Islam advocates. I know if I were a woman I would have left Islam ages ago.

  21. zunair ameer says

    You definitely should visit our courts and hear about heinous crimes over here which are not highlighted on media because they are not glamorous enough.

  22. zunair ameer says

    You need psychological treatment as it can be your mother, sister or wife.

  23. zunair ameer says

    Yes last I checked our country eats drinks and sleeps that atomic bomb.

  24. haseeb says

    There is also a chance that a burglar breaks in to your house and rapes your women….so their are immense possibilities. Doesn’t mean that women should stop living. So its all b***s***

  25. Farrukh Hassan says

    You sure you weren’t dreaming? 😛

  26. veer says

    Zunair ameer dont be a prick.

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