Cars Of Fatima Jinnah Eaten By Rust And Negligence

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KARACHI: Two classic vintage vehicles which belonged to Mader-e-Millat (mother of the nation) Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah are now left unattended to rust in the parking lot of the Department of Information and Archives, Sindh.

The poor status of these vehicles was highlighted in 2007 when pictures were posted on PakWheels, but it is very sad to say that the condition of these vehicles, which are a symbol of National heritage, is still exactly the same since then.

Both vehicles, a Mercedes Benz 180 and a La Cadillac Coupe de Ville, were taken for reconditioning and overhauling from Mohatta Palace, but more than seven years have passed and nothing really has happened for their preservation and restoration. While these historical and valuable heritages become valueless under the open sky, covered with rust and in bad condition, it is a reminder for the respective authorities to look into the matter with serious attitude and preserve the cars of Fatima Jinnah.

cars of fatima jinnah

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  1. Shafaat says

    Disappointed to see this

  2. Guest says

    Which gov’t department is having these cars??? Is there any way to buy these cars for them?

  3. Raja Abrar Hussain says

    Realy sad to see these car.. Is there any way to buy these cars from the gov’t?

  4. Badar Shehzad says

    Can these cars be bought by a civillian? And if so then how…I would like to restore these beauties to their former glory

  5. Ahmed says

    Sad to see our politicians were living a life of flagrant luxury even 70 years ago 🙁

  6. Rosh says

    They are more interested in buying latest models for themselves so why they should care about this heritage.
    These dirty politicians have no roots which may have taught them a lesson, why to respect history.

  7. Qandeel Janjua says

    Jab say khari hay tab say abb tak ki duty dayni paray gi, uskay baad exotic tax alag aur pata nhi kya kya

  8. A says

    Since Archived, located at Clifton, Park tower is just walking distance away from there.

  9. A says

    Read Since as Sindh Archives

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