Rawalpindi getting a new parking plaza, in serious need of a dedicated bypass

Among many other problems parking is also a huge problem in Pakistan, especially in big cities like Rawalpindi. So in order to curb parking problem in the city, local government has decided to build a new parking plaza. According to the details available, the new plaza will be built at Municipal Corporation’s old building.

This will be the second plaza in the city; previously government has built parking plaza at Fawara Chowk (Raja Bazar) which has a capacity of housing only 150 vehicles. City Commissioner Nadeem Aslam Chaudary while talking to a delegation of traders said that this new plaza is essential for the city, it will filter out the parking problem in the city.

Due to this new plaza, not only the parking problem in the city will diminish, but the traffic flow in the city will also become more seamless.  Not enough parking space and people parking their vehicles on roadsides increase lots of pressure on roads creating road blockage, which leads to suspension of traffic flow.

The Rawalpindi Development Authority has also been tasked with a mission to shift the wholesale market to the outskirts of the city, which is another big hurdle for traffic to flow seamlessly in the city. Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) will report to the commissioner regarding the process.

It is to be noted here that no time and date has been issued by the authorities to when the project will start or how much it cost.

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Aside from local government building plaza in Rawalpindi, the Punjab Government has been permitted by Supreme Court to complete Orange Line Metro Train Project which was stopped by LHC (Lahore High Court) on 11 historic sites. Rawalpindi also is in serious need of a dedicated bypass.

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Photo credit: Khurram Amin

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    Another one is urgently needed in Rawalpindi Saddar in front of Singapore plaza on an existing open parking space