Reality Behind CNG / UPS / HYBRID Labels on Batteries in Pakistan

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Many batteries in Pakistan come with labels like UPS, CNG, and HYBRID placed on them. Most of us wonder what these labels mean. Plates, cells, and acid are the components that make up a battery. Batteries come with different capacities, measured in amperes. The amperes are the main thing buyers should look out for. Amperes indicate the amperage delivered by the battery over a number of hours when it is fully charged. This means that if you have got a 45 amp hours battery, it will deliver 1 ampere for 45 hours, 2 amperes for 22.5 hours and so on.

Battery UPS

AGS and Exide batteries often have UPS, CNG and Hybrid labels on them; for instance many AGS batteries come with “CNG 60” written on them. These labels do not mean that the car battery is designed for CNG engines or for UPS use. Such labels are just marketing tactics used by battery manufacturers. The most important things to look out for is the amperes written on the battery, the volts and number of plates. The Cranking amperes (CA), Cold cranking amperes (CCA) and hot cranking amperes (HCA) are other important factors one should know about, before purchasing a battery.

AGS CNG Battery

The rating on a car battery is defined by the current it can deliver at certain temperatures, for a period of 30 seconds, while maintaining 1.2 volts per cell, which means 7.2 volts for a 12 volt battery. The amount of current that a battery can deliver at 0 °C is referred to as cranking amperes (CA). Cold cranking (CCA) is the current that a battery delivers at −18 °C. Hot cranking amperes (HCA) is the amount of current that a battery can deliver at 26.7 °C.

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  1. MalikSaabi says

    Not much use of this article unless targeted at those who know absolutely nothing.

    I was expecting a bit more detail like dry weight comparisons and independent tests or maybe that’s too much to ask…

  2. Guest says

    better info is available on PW forums.

  3. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    I knew nothing before and after reading it I still dont know anything. Writer has introduced a few terms but explained nothing about them. Poorly composed and structured.
    How do these articles get past the editorial? Mr. Hannan has really improved but this guy is dragging PW back I swear. Im always frustrated at the end of his articles. Im sorry but this is the truth and I prefer to be blunt

  4. Muhammad Idrees Awan says

    Was expecting more details, nothing to learn from this article

  5. Ali Adnan says

    i don’t know about other commenters but I did learn 1-2 things .. like this UPS/CNG is bullshit , like one should really ask / check the CA and HCA of the battery before buying. because here in lahore , the temperature is extremely cold in winter and extremely hot in summer. and batteries usually do give problems in winters in morning.
    The ones i see criticizing so much .. can you please spend a little time and energy to do RnD and add the info you think is missing from the article. add the info to your comments or may be submit as post to the blog. and I think they will be happy to publish it.

  6. Ali Adnan says

    please share the links of the forums

  7. Guest says

    پیارے سمیع اللّہ شریف،

    Although you have mentioned that customers should look for CA, CCA and HCA ratings, you should also have told us which brand actually mention these details for their batteries, and where do the mention them? On the battery, on the packet, on the website, where? As far as I know, the CNG 60 written on the battery in the photo above is just the model number of the battery it doesn’t imply that the battery will give 60A, 60CA, 60CCA or 60HCA, though the marketing teams banks on the idea that the customers may be fooled by assuming so.

  8. Peace says

    This blog is a piece of cra-p as usual…they only need viewers count for money.

  9. MalikSaabi says

    Lahore doesn’t get that cold that you would need to worry about CCA (not CA), or even HCA. Those values you need to worry about when going well below freezing temperature.
    Vehicles have starting troubles in Lahore/Rwp/Khi winters simply because the batteries are abused, and its the slight cold where mistuned engines need ‘lamba salaf’. A battery rated at 100 CCA compared with one rated at 450 CCA, neither will be able to start a vehicle if not maintained properly such as proper electrolyte level (not too much, not too less) and quality (specific gravity), charging rates and voltage and pattern and drain levels and pattern etc etc etc…
    Hope that suffices.

  10. MalikSaabi says

    Maybe Pakwheels blog administration needs to pay attention to quality assurance and enhancement protocols.

    And if this article was sponsored by AGS battery manufacturers/marketing teams then it should have been mentioned. If not, then that too should be mentioned – its part of journalism/science best practices.

  11. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    AGS dealers do provide a list of batteries and their specs kinda page upon asking(though some of them would hide it like its some trade secret) and AGS 60 no is actually a 50 amp battery.

    Also articles by samiullah sharief and adan ali aren’t worth wasting your precious time that you will never get back. they should rather post source links than posting plagiarized content.

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