Toyota Fortuner Officially Launched by IMC in Pakistan

Toyota Fortuner Launched in Pakistan

The day of 27th September (2016) marked the advent of two vehicles being introduced in Pakistani Automotive market. It is true that Pakistani Automotive industry scarcely witnesses the launch of new cars, but with the Government’s recent take on the new auto policy and the ongoing economic corridor (CPEC), perhaps Pakistani Automotive Industry is finally beginning to shift its gears.

Video Courtesy: Shan Khan

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Indus Motors Company held an event on 27th September in Pearl Continental, Karachi. After months of speculations and spy shots, the company has finally unveiled two new vehicles: Toyota Hilux Revo and Toyota Fortuner.

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The company’s top level employees and IMC (3S) dealership network was invited to the official announcement and launch ceremony for the arrival of these new models. While a news-break covered the launch of Toyota Hilux, this entry is specifically aimed towards the ‘All new Toyota Fortuner’.

Video Courtesy: Asad Burhan

The vehicle is recipient to an exterior as well as an interior facelift. However, the engine will remain the same; 2.7L 2TR-FE inline-4, DOHC with VVT-I.

It should be noted that this vehicle is expected to arrive in the local market in the beginning of the next year, with an expected price tag of PKR 4.9-5.6 million.

Stay tuned for more details as we will be covering these vehicles in detail in the coming days.


  • Tahir Usman

    Again the same underpowered 2.7L engine.Pathetic!!!

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    These companies will continue to earn no matter what few people like us think of them because they have understood the Pakistani awam. Paisa bahut hai and owning a newer model is a race among us for higher status in the society. I hope they suffer huge losses and shut down if they dont improve on purpose 🙂

  • Ameen to that

  • Saqib Khan

    I always wonder one thing, why these kinds of cheap/unprofessional marketing tact happen in Pakistan. So IMC has released two vehicles this month but end users don’t know what is being offered and at what price. Furthermore the delivery time!. A guy being showed in this video, makes car video, dozens of photographers are taking pictures, people are around by and this is what they called a ” Release” ? seriously ? Even IMC has ” new release” on front page but no price, nothing at all. God bless Pakistan.

  • Aneef Izhar

    You mean Amen?

  • no .. “Aameen”

  • Aneef Izhar

    Okay I believe you

  • Faisal

    very bad decision as compare to other car manufactures because BMW will pitch X1 3.9 M cost and Toyota will pitch their Revo and Fortuner around 4.9 M to 5.6 M. This will going hell for Toyota Indus for sure. 2017 will hit them very hard if these 3 car manufactures not change their mentality. for sure. wait and see. this will proof my point.

  • Ahson Tariq

    If IMC is thinking of positioning REVO at Rs 4m to Rs 4.5m range and FORTUNER at Rs. 5.5m, then it is in for some serious competition this time during the next five years and onwards. Must better and competitively priced alternatives are now (and going to be in future) available for car enthusiasts in Pakistan.

    IMC already faced embarrassment when it’s local Prius turned out to be a complete failure with not a single unit being sold (please correct me if I’m wrong on this). The reason was it’s price-positioning.

    Another embarrassment was faced earlier when it had to re-position Fortuner’s price in mid-2014 after it saw lack of interest in it from potential customers and brought down it’s price from Rs. 5.7m to Rs. 4.7m – an unprecedented 21% drop. Even that couldn’t help push up Fortuners’ sales to the level that IMC would have liked.

    And with the above-mentioned price positioning for REVO and new Fortuner, it is apparent that IMC hasn’t learn’t from it’s past mistakes.

    With the BMW X1 at between Rs 4m to Rs 5m and other self-import options available to prospective customers, positioning REVO at Rs. 4-4.5m and Fortuner north of Rs. 5.5m would lead IMC towards another embarrassing situation in the near future.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    bmw x1 is crossover but yeah people will go for it. chuss motors toyota thinks its cars are somehow superior in every aspect when they are not actually barabar to bmw ki jooti

  • Saad Masood

    bohat vailay ho bhai aap.. 😀

  • Guest

    “Release” means “paper launch” and some expensive but tasteless lunch in a famous hotel.

  • Guest

    Does anybody else find the music in the first video to be extremely tasteless?

    Sounds like a چربہ of 3 or 4 Hollywood movies (including Transformers series) and all those tracks do not go well with each other.

  • Khurram

    Really mister! Well only rich people like you who want to think that they are superior to others, and have money for expensive after sales service talk like that. I know many people belonging to elite class buying Toyota for it’s reliability and just stand outside any big school, where children belonging to this class. I think you will find enough Toyota cars to negate what bullshit you have just said.

  • Khurram

    Sure, like every one can afford the after sales of BMW.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro


  • Kashif Akbar

    its only a fool who pays more like 5.6M to buy Fortuner and discard X1 for 3.9M , i agree to Faisal.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    yeah. I know. as far as after sales service is concerned, Toyota wins hands down, so does Suzuki and Honda because they are established brands here. How will others establish their base if we don’t give a chance to them and continue paying heavy amounts of money to existing ones. But I’m simply urging INDUS MOTORS (and PS and ATLAS HONDA) to up their game in Pakistan seeing as how others are entering the market which is actually good for us. Provide more quality for the money they are charging.
    Coming to my main concern:
    Why do you have to talk like that and show everyone over here how you have been raised every time you reply to comments?

  • Guest again

    Because the driver picks the children from school which is usually near the house and the driver is given the second, third or mule car of the house. And the papa takes his “bimma” to office.

  • Muhammad Mansoor

    To all the people comparing beemer with the revo on the paper, you guys are simply missing the extras there. Even tho IMC is bag full of poop, still a nation gets what a nation deserves. We did this to ourselves, don’t put it on IMC or atlas or even Suzuki for that matter. It’s all on us. They are rubbing it in all over our brown faces and here we are contributing on a forum being very smart looking for some fictional shiny medals.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    Exactly! Well said sir hahaha

  • Sarosh

    What is wrong with all you people. Seriously fortuner is a better more reliable vehicle then X1. Come on guys be realistic. Fortuner is more reliable durable and tougher then it. Secondly it is bigger then it. Thirdly it is a better offroad vehicle. Fourthly it is easier to maintain and better suited for Pakistan. Fifthly it is seven seater with dual ac this matters a lot in a country hot as Pakistan. Sixth it comes standard with automatic gearbox and reverse camera unlike X1. It has a engine which might no produce as much horsepower as X1 but it is way superior in torque. Seventhly it is locally manufactured so the parts will be available forever most importantly right away. Finally fortuner belongs to the largest automaker of the world which has tested it’s Vehicles in the harshest of terrains unlike BMW. The new fortuner is developed on the hilux platform which is more unbreakable then ever before whereas it was really unbreakable before just imagine what they are offering now.

    If anyone of you visits Canada or America you will realise Toyota has brought the German giants and especially the American vehicles on its knees with its easy maintenance long lastingness and reliability. Go anywhere in Pakistan you would easily find an air filter a oil filter regular maintenance stuff for a Toyota but with a BMW you won’t. And if a BMW breaks down you are doomed. So don’t compare these vehicles. Surely a BMW would be more comfortable etc. But it can never match the overall value one gets with a Toyota.

    So guys I was quiet when you all were comparing X1 with with that frog shaped what do you call Honda mezals ohh sorry vezel.

    Leave Toyota aside because what it offers hardly any other css automaker offers.

  • Sarosh

    You need a life. Seriously.

  • Sarosh

    Because that papa knows somewhere deep inside that the bimma you call might breakdown and the kids might get late and secondly if the driver hits the plastic bimma ooooohhhh spare parts and mechanic k don’t want to imagine.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    okay baby :*

  • Guest again

    He doesn’t play Candy crush.

  • Ahson Tariq

    Sarosh, whatever you’ve mentioned above, simply does not justify the absurd price that Toyota is charging it’s customers in Pakistan for the Fortuner or Revo. Take a look around in countries nearby us and learn the price parity among different vehicles manufactured by different manufacturers and you’ll understand what we are trying to highlight here.

  • Sarosh

    Well I checked. Excluding tax and everything the fortuner in Australia and Pak is of the same price. 60000 dollars for a brand new one in Australia which is 50 lac rupees. The same goes for hilux and corolla. The price of the brand new is same. X1 is expensive in India because the duty rates are more in India then in Pakistan. And a fortuner is expensive then X1 in Australia. Because it is a more superior vehicle. The BMW is a company just not one vehicle. All their cars are not as good as the 7 series or the m4 coupe. The prices of Imc are same if you compare with other countries. The problem is just the lack of features like smart entry airbags all around etc.

  • Palaupakistani

    This car is almost 20 lac more expenise than USA

  • Mirza Rehan

    Duty 4 what??? … itz locally assembled babe…