In Remembrance of Mardan Accident

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Road accidents are a mounting point of concern all over the world. Poor road infrastructure, inadequate traffic monitoring and violation of traffic rules, all contribute to road accidents in Pakistani cities and highways. According to Rescue 1122, the most number of emergencies dealt by them are road traffic crashes. The service has responded to nearly 6 million road related accidents in the past few years.

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On 25th November 2015, some 25+ cars crashed into each other, making it one of the biggest recorded accidents in Pakistan’s history. Apparently, the reason was declared as increase in fog and moisture in air, which led to very limited visibility.

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Traffic accidents are a major public health issue of Pakistan, with a considerable socio-economic impact. Better law enforcement governing both, road traffic and placement of seasonal vendors, better road infrastructure coupled with self-commitment, can play a role in improving road safety conditions across Pakistan; reducing the number of accidents, and in return reducing the chances of fatalities as well.

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  1. Alpha Bravo says

    Road safety should be one’s prime important thing, especially when weather conditions are awkward.

  2. Guest says

    And you put all the responsibility on the individual, disregarding the provision of proper infrastructure.

  3. Alpha Bravo says

    I don’t support any party related to providing u roads or what.. yet an accident on a highway in moisture and foggy conditions is almost due to one’s negligence in vehicle’s over speed, his lack of alertness or time of the day/night. Accidents like this in foggy conditions too happen in USA and England on well maintained highways.

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