Bahria Town: PSO Petrol Station Fined

Bahria Town PSO fined

In a very surprising move lately, a random inspection at the PSO (Bahria Town-Islamabad) Petrol Pump revealed irregularities in their samples. Authorities took notice of this and fined the owners and administration PKR 100,000.

It should be mentioned that occurrence of such events is not out of ordinary, they are just scarce. There are number of occasions on which questions have been raised on PSO. Just three months ago, OGRA fined PSO of PKR 5 million for keeping adulterated diesel. Although the company challenged the decision later. But the fact still remains that Oil and Gas Authority of Pakistan (OGRA) swung into action against Pakistan State Oil (PSO) for having adulterated High Speed Diesel in its depot at Faqeerabad.

According to The News, OGRA wrote a letter on June 27 to the Managing Director of PSO, the regulator tells in plain words that PSO has been proven to be involved in having non specified High Speed Diesel. The News further reports that the official document also states that the PSO has been asked positively to deposit PKR 5 million in the shape of a bank draft in favour of OGRA within 30 days.

More importantly, last year OGRA slapped PKR 17.8 million on five oil companies of Pakistan. According to DAWN, this fine was imposed by OGRA for not maintaining the proper stock of petroleum products in violation of their licence requirements which led to the one of the worst petrol crises in the country in January 2015.

  • Guest

    Irregularities? What kind of irregularities? Chemical composition? Measuring less (does the graduated cylinder want to show problems in measurement)?

    What difference does the fine make unless they ensure the “irregularities” are made regular?

    What is the benefit of receiving a demand draft from PSO unless the adulterated diesel was either discarded or improved and the future supply of unadulterated diesel was ensured?

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    Well measuring less is definitely, at the very least, a problem. Good or bad, I should at least be getting the amount of fuel I pay for.