Safety guidelines issued for citizens to prevent car theft

Theft of cars and bikes has remained a major concern for people living almost everywhere in Pakistan. In view of the increasing number of reported cases, Islamabad Capital Territory Police have issued new safety guidelines for the general public in order to curb car theft.

The guidelines have been prepared on the directions of the Ministry of Interior. The people have been advised to install safety alarm systems in their cars. The Capital Police are also urging the citizens to use car security systems and safety gadgets in their vehicles in order to protect their cars. People have been asked to park their cars either inside their houses or specified parking spaces. The police have strictly warned citizens against parking their cars in the streets during night time.

The Capital Police have further requested people to focus on self-help basis by installing CCTV cameras in their streets and hire security guards collectively in order to protect their valuable cars.

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A list of all past convicts of car theft has been prepared. These previous convicts will be interrogated in the existing cases in order to know whether they were involved. The police personnel will be increasing their patrolling hours and carry out surprise checking at some checkpoints. They will monitor traffic traveling between rural to urban areas surrounding Islamabad.

All SHOs have been directed to tighten the security arrangements and personally supervise the safety guidelines. The Anti-Car Lifting Cell is directed to remain vigilant across all areas in order to stop car theft.

Moreover, foot patrolling by police will be increased in rural congested areas. A chit system has been introduced at peculiar places like CDA Hospital, FGSH Hospital, Chairman CDA Office and other places. Security personnel in plainclothes will be deployed in various regions to perform duties.

In several areas, the Capital Police have requested leaders of trade unions to deploy security guards from private companies who will keep a check on any kind of suspicious activity.

The Islamabad Police are expected to distribute pamphlets which will have these safety guidelines.


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  • Abdullah

    They should put in “Bait” police cars with trackers at different places, to nab different groups of car thieves….as soon as somebody. steels the car an alarm should go on in police control room with exact location of the car….they should keep doing it and give exemplary punishment to thieves….may be cut their hands as per Islamic law….

  • Guest

    Police do not have the mandate, responsibility or authority of punishment. They can only capture the “suspects” and present the case in front of honourable justice.
    The missing persons and extra-judicial killings are because of comments like yours representing a societal preference and acceptance of dictatorial mentality.

    Please polish up your knowledge of Islamic law. A poor hungry kid stealing a banana from (again equally poor) rerhi-wala’s fruit cart will not have her hands imputated. Rather the hadees which all of us like was about the stealing of a jewelry item by an already well-off woman.