In conversation with Sahibzada Sultan Muhammad Ali – A veteran rally racer

Sahibzada Sultan Muhammad Ali always bring exclusive interviews of different individuals for its readers. This time also, we are bringing the interview of Sahibzada Sultan Muhammad Ali, a distinguished Pakistani motorsports driver, for our honorable readers.

PW: Tell us about yourself?

SSMA: My name is Sahibzada Sultan Muhammad Ali, my family lineage goes back to Sultan Bahoo —a Sufi saint and poet. As I belong to a Sufi family, from our childhood, we were instructed and taught by our elders to be a horse-rider. And for some time now, I am deeply interested in Pakistan Motor Sports. Through this platform, we are not only trying to promote the motorsports but also doing our best to create the soft image of Pakistan on the international level.

PW: How do you come to like motorsports and horse-riding?

SSMA: As I said in my previous answer, we were instructed and taught to be a good horse-riders from our early childhood. Our club and I had participated in many tent pegging, and horse-riding competitions held countrywide. I would like to mention here that four players from our club are representing the country in National Tent Pegging team. Moreover, last year in World Cup, Pakistan’s National Tent Pegging team acquired 1 Gold, 2 Silver, and 4 Bronze Medals. The Gold medallist was from our club.

Due to medical condition doctors asked me not to ride the horse very fast. For the past two to three years I was searching for a healthy sports activity. In 2014 I happened to watch Nadir Magsi at Cholistan Desert Rally and got mesmerized by his skills. And that is how my love for cars and motorsports started.  I think through sports we can show the soft image of Pakistan to the whole world.

PW: In how many rallies have you participated in, and which rally you liked the most?

SSMA: I first participated in rallies in 2015, and till now I have participated in almost 13-14 different rallies. I would love to participate again in Jhal Magsi rally. The track of the rally is outstanding. It has all the elements which a rally track should have, it has desert, hard surface, and water terrain, etc.

PW: What is the thing you want to do the most in your life?

SSMA: Well, I would love to ride my horse again as I did back in the old days, there is so much curiosity in it that one cannot explain.

PW: Share your experience of Sarfaranga Desert Rally and tell our readers how to make a good beginner racing car?

SSMA: I liked Sarfaranga Desert Rally very much. I would like to appreciate and its team for organizing such a great event. Not only is organizing rallies but is also hosting auto shows which is indeed good for our country and young generation.

Due to technical issues with my main rally car I didn’t opt to go on it, but I went to the rally and participated in it with my recce car. Furthermore, if beginners want to participate in the rally, I would suggest them to buy Vigo or Revo. Just do the roll cage of the vehicle and add skid plate and four OEM shocks and you are good to go. Gain two-three years of experience and then opt for heavy vehicles. Additionally, if one wants to make a heavy duty racing car the time required to do that is almost one year.

PW: According to you what is the future of motorsports in Pakistan?

SSMA:  The future of motorsports is bright in Pakistan. The country has good racing tracks which one can even compare to international racing tracks. The standard of the tracks have improved a lot in last five years, racers who were completing the tracks in 3.5 hours are now completing them in just 2.5 hours; this shows that standard has indeed risen.

Aside from standard of the tracks, the standard of equipment has also risen. The involvement of government in rallies can surely further strengthen them, so that is why the government should provide assistance to racers. And if some international racers want to participate in our races, the government should make the process easy and vice versa.

PW: Message for PakWheelers and young guns!

SSMA: Always do that kind of work which makes Pakistan great.

My name is M. Ali Laghari and I love to read and write about Cars.