Sales of Cars In Pakistan Up By 17pc In First 9 Months Of FY2015-16

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The Pakistani automobile sector is having one of its best times with regards to sales. The first nine months (July’15-Mar’16) of FY2015-16 saw sales of 64,882 units of cars (1300 cc and above) compared to 55,255 units of cars in July’14-Mar’15. That is an increase of more than 17%. Total number of cars (all cc) stood at 137,206 for July’15-Mar’16 compared to 105,344 units of July’14-Mar’15 (increase of 30.25%).

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Honda Civic and City sales were up a bit more than 2000 units in July’15-Mar’16 (18,542) compared to 16,405 units in July’14-Mar’15. Suzuki Swift only had an increase of 407 units (2,996 units compared to 2589 units). And as expected, Toyota Corolla saw the most increase with 43,344 units sold in July’15-Mar’16 compared to 36,238 units in July’14-Mar’15. That is an increase of 19.6%.

Honda City Review by PakWheels  (41)Honda_Civic_2015_New_Grill11th gen Toyota-Corolla

In under 1000 cc category, Suzuki Wagon R has taken the top spot with 6,857 units this fiscal year compared to 3,337 units in first nine months of the previous financial year. That is an increase of impressive 105.48%. The sales have more than doubled. Although the news that Cultus will be discontinued soon has been circulating lately, that has not deterred people from buying the popular hatchback, and Suzuki has managed to sell a tad more than 1000 units in current fiscal year’s first 9th months (11,747 units in July’15-Mar’16).


In sub 800 cc cars, both Mehran, and Bolan have seen healthy sales with 28,367 unit of Mehran and 25,348 units of Bolan sold in July’15-Mar’16 compared to 22,269 and 13,932 units respectively in corresponding months of FY2014-15. For Suzuki Bolan, that is an increase of almost 82%. And same is the case with Suzuki Ravi. Suzuki managed to sell 25,348 units in July’15-Mar’16 compared to 13,999 units in July’14-Mar’15. The high sales of both Bolan and Ravi can be safely attributed to Punjabi Green Taxi Scheme.


In motorcycles, as expected, Honda took the winning spot with 601,764 units in July’15-Mar’16 compared to 464,839 units in July’14-Mar’15. And that is an increase of notable 29.5%. The new entrant Yamaha has been able to sell 12,380 unit in these nine months. But on the other hand, Suzuki motorcycle sales have fallen to 13,119 this year compared to 16,668 units in corresponding months of last financial year. United Auto Motorcycles, the makers of motorcycles and 3-wheelers posted sales of remarkable 192,304 units in these nine months compared to 169,131 units in 9 months of last fiscal year.

Yamaha YBR 125G Pakistan  (25)

The auto industry has no doubt seen some healthy growth and number of sales of cars in Pakistan is a proof of that. Although there have been instances where some companies have posted fewer sales compared to last year, but overall, one can safely say that the general trend has been positive. Since the new auto policy has been announced, it will be interesting to see how it would impact the sales of current leaders and if the threat of new entrant will make them tighten their game.

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  1. Abdullah says

    what are the sales figure of FAW ?????

  2. Naeem says

    Pakwheels seems biased towards Indus Toyota…..yes why no figures of FAW??? reason

  3. Auntie Shola says

    Mr Arif Ali doesnt do any research before writing any article…….he just copy pasted the figures from PAMA website…….ooo Uncle thori research kar laitay…..FAW ko email kar kai pooch laitay……..2 din baad article publish kar daitay………..COPY PASTE MASTER

  4. Kashif Akbar says

    copy and paste is the best thing we have learned with use of computers and internet. since FAW is not member of PAMA , so no details about them.

  5. Smokingaces says

    what about FAW V2?

  6. Asim Zafar says

    Dear blogger, respected bros are right because when u are writing a blog to inform us then it should cover every corner and FAW is not an unknown name or at least not for the pakwheels community which u completely ignore in this blog, don’t lose heart keep writing and also start RESEARCHING!!!

  7. Guest says

    A few users have been discussing that sales figures of FAW Al-Haj have not been mentioned.

    Al-Haj FAW is not a member of PAMA. So they do not post sales figures to the website of PAMA (also mentioned in another comment). In addition, you can write an email to them asking for the sales figures (they have many cars and trucks in their product range) using the Contact Us form on their website, but they never reply to any email too. They have an office in SITE and get defensive if you ask their sales figures.

    The dealerships have good follow-up. They called me a few times to know whether I had made up my mind to buy their car. Whence I told them that the company should pay attention to the internet. Not everybody can go to the dealership but everybody can go to the website, even from any corner of the world. Maybe it is just because in Pakistan companies do not think their websites as a method of contact with the customer, PR, brand image and interaction. The websites of Suzuki, Honda and Toyota are also pathetic, take ages to load, have no consistent themes and proper structure. They still use ancient methods of UX such as Suzuki switching to full screen ever so often even it is considered offensive by now.

    OTOH Pakwheels publishes sales figures of cars regularly and not about the public transport and trucking.

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