How to Sell a Used Car Quickly- A Complete Guide!

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Selling a used car is not an easy job these days. With rising inflation and a deteriorating economy, getting the price you want can be hard. When you consult a dealership, they suggest you a lower comparative price than the market, which is less than you expected. It can easily disappoint you to a great extent.

The first and foremost method is to sell your car through Sell it For Me Service to get the best buyers in the market while sitting at the comfort of your home.

The automobile market has an ever-changing trend that you need to follow. But there is no need to settle for anything too less than what your car deserves. There are a few steps you that can guide you through the process:

1. Prepare Your Car

The shinier your car looks, the more chances there are that you will attract a potential buyer.

Ensure you thoroughly clean your car from inside and outside before putting it up for sale or handing it over to a new buyer. No one likes to find a dead rat in their newly bought car!

Also, it will make your car more presentable. The new buyer is not gonna cuss you for handing over a stinking dirty car. Applying a polish or wax would provide a great shine to the car.

Car detailing

2. Visit a Mechanic:

The first thing to do when you make up your mind to sell your car is to visit a mechanic. Let him inspect the car and see if there is any kind of problem in your car so that you can get it fixed. The problem in the car could be oil leakage, some weird noise coming from your car, etc.  The car should be in optimal condition to attract more customers.

Nothing is worse than buying a car and finding out that its cooling system doesn’t work. Especially if you are selling your car during the summer, make sure the cooling system is completely functional. So, it’s only ethical if you fix the cooling system for any leaks and use some coolant as well before selling it.

If there is anything wrong with its system and you don’t want to spend money on fixing it, do mention it to the potential buyer.

We advise you to opt for Car Inspection Service, as it will provide you with the actual condition of your car in real time.


3. Change Oils

Don’t sell your car with mud and gunk running in the engine in the name of motor oil.

A buyer will prefer to buy a car with all oils, or, at least, engine oil, changed and replaced. It also shows the degree of interest you take in maintaining your car. If you are not bothered with scheduled maintenance like oil changes, the potential buyer will think that you have not kept the rest of the car with care as well.

Changed oil also serves as an incentive for the purchaser to prefer your car over others.

4. ToolKit

Always sell your car with necessary tools like its wheel jack, wheel spanner, and a working spare tire.

Think it like this; you have bought your used Toyota Corolla and happily going on the motorway to show it to your extended family when suddenly the tire flattens, and you find out there is no jack or spanner or the nuts of the punctured wheels are slipped, or even jack has slipped. It will ruin your day for sure.

So make sure such rudimentary things are present and working in your car before the new buyer takes it with him.

5. Research The Price

Research properly before you set a fair price for your car. It should not be too high compared to the market.

You must be willing to negotiate on the price. You might have spent additional money to get after-market tires, seat covers, etc. Mention them in the description as well. It would play a vital role in justifying your price tag.

You can also consult to get a fair idea of the market price for your car. Check the price of your car model on the website or download the app. See what others are charging and then set the price.

3- Complete the Documentation:

Find all the documents of the car, including registration book and service history. Your customer must realize that you kept the vehicle in good condition throughout the use. Include the maintenance receipts in your file. A customer would definitely like to go through all of them for satisfaction. Furthermore, you need these following documents while selling the car:

The seller needs following documents to sell his/her car:

  •  For Islamabad (Smart Card + Sale Deed + Biometric).
  • Other provinces (File + Book + T.O Form + Sale Deed + Biometric)
  • The File includes,  Form F, Sale Invoice, Sale Certificate, Transfer Letters (If ownership has been changed), Previous Owners CNICs, Old Book and Smart Card. 

Meanwhile, for unregistered car, the seller must provide: 

  • Sale Deed (Can be  found at any stamp paper seller as they have the basics written already)
  • CNIC copy of buyer/seller in Sindh but Biometric in Punjab.  
  • Car registration mark, engine number and chassis number etc.
  • Get a car delivery letter duly filled and signed by the buyer. It is proof that you handed over the car to the other party at which date and time (You can get the letter from any good photocopier)

Meanwhile for Japanese cars the seller must have: 

(Unregistered): Good Declaration Form, Bill of Lading, Export Certificate, Passport Copy, and Import Wharfage (2 pages).

Registered: Registration Book/Smart Card, CNIC Copy, and Transfer Letter.



7. Post an Ad Online

Now is the time to finally post an ad for your car. Using for selling or purchasing vehicles is a very popular way these days. It makes your car sell faster than usual. Write a proper description of the car, including all the salient features, car mileage, and model.

Mention any additional features that justify your car price. Make your car stand out from the others available in the market. Do not forget to attach hero pictures for quickly selling car.

Now you have a complete portfolio of your car. Sell used Car Online by posting your ad on PakWheels to get the best deals.

Don’t have time to go through all this and deal with buyers? Fret not and use PakWheels Sell It For Me Service!

By availing this service, you let the PakWheels team handle the whole process. They come to your house, check out the vehicle, take pictures, and post an ad on PakWheels. Your ad will be promoted on the website to attract buyers quickly. The team will be in contact with the buyers and will inform you of the best deals they got! You simply have to choose your buyer, and voila! Your car is sold. Even the payment process is securely handled by the PakWheels team.

8. Meet The Customer

If you are selling your car yourself and get the most desirable offer, invite the customer to a convenient place to show them your car. Don’t hesitate while briefing details about your car. Show them the best features of your car. Stay confident enough to gain trust.

Remember, this is not the last customer on the planet you are going to get. Let them inspect the car and ask queries. Always answer the questions very politely. You must be willing to let them go on a test drive.

Always show negotiable behavior to the customer to get the best offer.


9. Mode of Payment!

What comes next when the customer likes your car and finalizes the deal? The mode of payment is what you need to ensure from the customer.

Always prefer total cash payment. Settling for any sort of installment might lead you to fraud. Stay with what you are comfortable with. Let the customer know all these details at the time of selling car.

Mode of payment for car

10. Transfer the Vehicle!

Never look to sell your car on an open transfer letter, which is not legal by law. Always get a transfer deed to properly transfer the vehicle in the name of the new owner through the Excise & Taxation Department while selling car. In this way, you will no longer be responsible for the vehicle.

If you want to avoid this hassle, simply avail PakWheels Car Transfer Service! The PakWheels team will pick up the documents from your place, take care of all the paperwork, and you will be notified when the transfer is complete.


Never rush into selling your car, as this would allow the buyer to make a comparatively cheap deal. Do not make the common mistakes most sellers make. Follow the steps mentioned above before selling your car to get a fair deal. If you find these tips helpful in selling your car, tell us in the comments section below.

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We hope that these tips will be useful for you while selling a car. And remember, Gari Ki Deals, Only on PakWheels. 

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