Special Edition Corolla GLi – A last hurrah?

We have been continuously hearing rumors that Toyota is thinking about discontinuing Corolla XLi and GLi and launching a smaller sedan, or even a hatchback, instead. The smaller sedan in question here is Toyota Vios. There is more chance of IMC opting for Honda Atlas-like strategy and launching a Honda City competitor than launching something, a 1000cc hatchback like Vitz for instance, that can disturb the balance of the force.

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And now there is one more hint towards the fact that it might actually happen. Toyota has decided to launch a Special Edition Corolla GLi. Toyota dealerships have started to take orders of this special edition GLi and deliveries are expected to be in March/April 2018.

I say this is a hint towards the shift to a discontinuance of the current 1300cc lineup because this is something companies usually do when they want to introduce a new product but also want to sell the outgoing product as much as possible. This is something Suzuki did as well with the older Cultus when it was about to launch the new generation Cultus.

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As for what is “special’ about the new special edition Corolla GLi, well you get three additional choices in colors which weren’t previously available in XLi/GLi variants. Those colors are

  • Super White
  • Dorado Gold
  • Phantom Brown

Also, there are some new added amenities and tidbits as well. Like you get side skirts, new infotainment system as well as a luggage tray. The Special Edition Corolla GLi will cost the customers PKR 110,000 extra on top of the normal price of a GLi.

In the end, all that can be said is that if Toyota is killing the much-loved GLi and XLi lineup, you can expect the demand, and in return prices, of new/slightly used pre-owned GLi’s to skyrocket. The premium is going to rise as well. Both of these 1300cc variants were so in demand because on the one hand, you get a full-fledged sedan, and on the other hand a smaller engine; that means lower taxes (less ownership costs).

And Toyota Vios is obviously a smaller car. Some of Toyota’s customer base might not like the shift to a smaller car which is going to cost just as much, if not more, that the departing GLi/XLi. But until all that happens, let’s just wait and see. Happy motoring!

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  • Khurram Aslam Chaudhry

    Price hike will only be justified with inclusion of aloy rims in the list of special addition features.

  • Murtaza Shahid

    Special edition gli has been part of Toyotas December year end deal since 2007.

    Every year Gli gets a special edition.

    Where as model changes are hinted towards limited editions. Such editions are usually not priced higher and offered with similar or discounted pricing so that the consumers can benefit and manufactures car clear stocks.

  • naeem

    So gentlemen i called a few Toyota dealers In KPK and Punjab to book a GLI automatic SE…..but got this info:-

    (1) SE Corolla GLI is available on booking in MANUAL version only and no SE edition in GLI automatic is available
    (2) XLI/GLI will discontinue in JUNE/ JULY
    (3) Toyota Vios (1.3 with CVT transmission) Launch in August/September 2017

    Happy motoring….

  • rickie94

    Launch in August/September 2017 ?? they mean 2018??

  • JUTT

    OR perhaps Toyota is having hard time selling corolla as economy is slowing down and it will be the 5th and last year of current body shape. So one drama after another to reel in buyers.

  • JUTT

    1300 cc and alloy rim. Its not an ideal combination. Corolla body is too big at this point. Honestly, anything under 2.0 liter engine is under-powered.

    But this is Pakistan. Our government is so dumb, it slap taxes based on engine power and not the actual use.

  • Khurram

    One of the biggest joke of the century, a loud ha ha.

  • Khurram

    Agreed, bhai Aref as usual is spreading incorrect information about Toyota, may be he thinks he can lure customers away by doing that.

  • Khurram

    Oh please, special edition information may be true but, not the price hike because, we just booked our car and it has the price that is same as the current variant.

  • Khurram

    Mr JUTT, there are many Corollas’ (Xlis’) that are zooming with the alloy wheels around. If, it were as big as you suggest it to be people would visiting workshops very often to have the engine over hauled.


    Aoa Sir, Can you please tell me what’s new in the limited edition gli 1.3? I’m having some really hard time finding this info on the internet.And is there any price difference ? Would be really kind if you can answer these questions.

  • JUTT

    Do you really believe the numbers reported by these auto makers. Can you show me excise actual excise records on how many registered? OR can you show me FBR numbers on how many corollas government actually received the taxes?

  • Khurram

    Yes I do, I always go by an apparent picture so, if you were to give me meat and say that it is Halal then I shall not raise question upon your statement unless, you are proven wrong.
    Furthermore, we don’t need to go that far…Mr JUTT just look at the roads and you shall find why I contradicted you in the first place and may be Pakistanis’ are liars but, global figures might be true and, if those are to be believed, then the sale figure crossed the 40 million mark back in 2004.

  • Khurram

    Sorry for the late reply to your query, Well, I just know that the price is the same as the current price because, the advance money that they asked while booking, equals to the one that they were asking on the booking of the regular edition. As for the features, the officer at the reception hinted about the pinning of side skirts. Other than that he too was unsure.


    Thank you khurram Bhai. May Allah Bless you!

  • mohammed nisar khan

    i booked 2 cars yesterday 1:3 gli special edition each price Rs 2022000

    normal 1300 cc gli Rs 1910000

  • JawedButt

    sub fraud aur logoun ko lootney k neay neay tareeqey hein en chouroun k jo 5 mahiney ki advance payment laetey hein SARKARI MULAZAMOUN SE MIL KER AUR YAHAN PAKISTANI INSAF AUR SOMOTTO NEI CHALTA KAYUN K INSAFIOUN KO JAB CHAHAIN JESSY CHAHAIN ASAL QEEMAT SE BE KUM PER YEH SUB KUTCH MIL JATA HEY.

  • Badar Munir

    Judging the total price of vehicle by Booking price seems too naive. As, early this year, when I was buying new car, I went to toyota dealership at Kalma chowk Lahore and I was told that I could book either an XLI or GLI by paying as low as 500k in advance. Rest of the money will have to be paid 1 month before delivery. Honda demands around half the total price of vehicle for booking but that is also AROUND half. That means IMC has fixed the lowest booking amount irrespective of the total price of vehicle.

  • Khurram Aslam Chaudhry

    Underpowered..? Underpowered for what? Yes if you always travel with the 5 passengers and trunk full of luggage on the steep hills of northern area than its underpowered and you need something over 2000cc but if you alone or even with one or two passengers travel in it on daily basis from home to office and back on the gradual roads of Sindh and Punjab it has more than enough power and good economy to fulfil one’s need.

  • Khurram Aslam Chaudhry

    Don’t be emotional. I am not in favour of price hike nor I said that even I am also asking about the hike from the author.

  • Ali Shah

    Mr. Khurram!!!!! Be careful for using such words about our country. its shows your level of approach. “may be Pakistanis’ are liars but”” you might be shameful for being Pakistani but This country is our honor. never take it so easily. we are not going to tolerate such sentences again.

  • Ali Shah

    i cant understand your way of approach. all the time you are taking like…. people were like this,,,,,,,, will be like that,,,,,,, how cars look on roads….. be technical. can ask him technical figures onto which he is saying so. dont just speak up in air.

  • Ali Shah


  • Ali Shah

    even vitz performance is very ideal in pindi side of areas. and hard to belive when you see most of the FX cars in Islamabad and Pindi side of areas. so 2.0 does not seem under power

  • Khurram Aslam Chaudhry