Summer Hack: How To Cool Down Your Car As Quickly As Possible

cool down your car

The summer season in Pakistan is an absolute nightmare for the motorists; engines start to heat up, interiors become ovens, tires start to burst on highways and what not, and no matter what car you have, the air conditioning never works as promised in the various TVCs and rightly so. 48 degrees Celsius is no joke.

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Things go unruly when in the middle of a lazy Sunday, you are compelled to take out your car, which you parked outside last night, because your mom asks you to bring Dahi (yogurt) from the shop so she could make Lassi for the whole family at lunch. The thought of Lassi is the only motivation you have to go and sit in the oven on wheels.

So you are left with only one option, cool down the car before you can take it out. For the love of Lassi, we, at PakWheels, have made a small guide that you could use to cool down your car faster on a scorching day before you could bring that Dahi. Follow these simple instructions to cool down your car and enjoy Lassi with your family faster:

Steps to cool down your car

  1. First, open one left and one right door of your car and wait 30 seconds before you enter the vehicle or else the heatwave will strike you badly.
  2. Once inside the vehicle, start the car and roll down your windows.
  3. Turn on the air conditioner on the Fresh Air settings, normally called Exhaust. Do not set it on Recirculate.
  4. how to cool down car in summerSet the thermostat to the coldest settings (in case of automatic climate control, set to lowest temperature)
  5. Set blower direction to Head/Foot and yank it all the way up.
  6. car ac in summerDrive like that for 2 minutes to force the superheated air out and let fresh air in.
  7. Once you begin to feel that the air inside is cooler than the that of outside, roll up the windows, switch your air conditioner to Recirculate and adjust the thermostat and the blower Hasb-e-Zaroorat (according to your needs).

I understand that not all motorists have air conditioners in working condition in Pakistan, but you don’t need to fret over it. The cooldown hack is applicable even if you don’t have a working A/C; a working blower would be as effective.

Don’t forget to share a glass of Lassi and this hack with your loved ones, and enjoy driving in the scorching heat on a lazy Sunday.

Fahad Ullah

I build products and review cars for PakWheels. I am also famous for typing more words than anyone wants to read.

  • Nbl

    useless article

  • Uzair KapadiaK

    Good idea.

  • Abdul Hannan

    for removing hot air quickly…open left door and open and close the door 5 to 7 times…….this will remove hot air quickly

  • kick

    Useless comment actually

  • usman

    Good article
    But what about the experts’ theory that AC should never be turned on cold engine? cause it causes excessive wear and tear to engine…
    I think we can turn the engine ON, then do the all aforementioned steps except turning ON the AC.and once engine is bit hot, turn the AC ON.
    hows that??

  • Nomi

    turn on the exhaust air setting in our extremely polluted atmosphere and choke your AC coil in 2 days.

    Great article.

  • Shani Arain

    but what if my Dahi walla is near and i cant do all the things ? xD jst joking . awsome article (Y)

  • Shahid Mehmood

    also suggest something to cool down Mehran VX(Non-AC) owners 😉

  • Shahid Mehmood

    I guess in hatchback opening the 5th door (diggi) will also do the magic 😉

  • I understand you are an expert at all things cars, but our readers comprise of people from all background, and some of them actually do not know much about cars. These kind of articles are directed towards them and for people who are not experts. Thank you for your feedback. 🙂

  • Well in that case, you can always fry some eggs on the bonnet 😀

  • The guide equally apply to non-AC cars, if the blower is in working condition. As far as I know, the NON-AC Mehran comes with a working blower so you are safe here 🙂

  • Shedatali

    Have you heard about solar fan which can be placed at windows and it will automatically circulate the air. Idea is good but i don’t know whether it works or not

  • Jamshaid Khalil

    Good work, Jazak Allah

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    Thanks Really Useful information

  • essque

    For hatchbacks (swifts/vitz/dayz/etc etc) what really works is opening up the hatchback (dicky) and letting the hot air rise out.