Car Interior Turns Into An Oven During Summers

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The hot and humid summer of Pakistan is nothing new to all of us. Temperature soaring to nearly 50C (122F) is normal in many parts of the country. The heat index as well as the crowded areas like shopping centers with so much air conditioning and the vehicles in such areas idling or moving through these congested areas create the environment more unbearable. I am sure everyone has witnessed it.

Anyways, a close friend of mine was in Rawalpindi Saddar and he left his toddler in a parked car on Bank Road in open sun a few weeks back. He went inside a shop and came back after 10 minutes and his son was almost fainted and was near a heat stroke. The news pushed me to initiate this fact that cars get very hot inside. Much higher than the outside temperature. I went over a lot of data and thought to share some.

Please don’t leave your kids/ older people or any pets in the car even if you leave for 10 minutes. The body will dehydrate very quickly and any accident can happen. I will also recommend not to do idling I mean running AC while car is parked. You are burning the environment as well as wasting your hard earned money.

It’s also recommended to leave your windows little open for the open passage of the air if you park your car in open. Radiant energy from the sun pass through the glass and make the interior hot. Because there are few reflective surfaces in the car, much of the energy is absorbed rather than being reflected out. With restrictive airflow, the energy stays in the car. The result is that the energy heats up the interior of the car faster. It is important to note that the outside temperature does not have to be really hot for a car to become an oven-like death trap. Even temperatures considered mild can lead to death during an extended period of time.

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Below I am going to share some slides (taken from The slides show the temperature difference. 90F (32C) which is the outside temperature. In US since start of 2014, 30 deaths have been reported already. In Pakistan, the temperature outside are in triple digits Fahrenheit so you can imagine the danger.


Car interior becomes an oven A death Trap! -1223087
Car interior becomes an oven A death Trap! -1223089

Car interior becomes an oven A death Trap! -1223090

Car interior becomes an oven A death Trap! -1223091

Car interior becomes an oven A death Trap! -1223092

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  1. Ahmad Saeed says

    Fazal but we are assuming that windows are tightly closed? right? What if we keep a lil space in them for air then would it be okay…coz I always do that which my father taught me years back.

  2. Ahmed Hembel says

    Yes it will help reduce the temp

  3. Fazal Wahab says

    dear ahmed. yes.. it will make the flow of the air within the car. But still its not allow someone to leave any living thing within the car.. I mean the kids, older people and pets.. Leaving windows a little cracked will keep the car at almost at the same degree which is outside. It will also be easy for you get intio the parked car..

  4. Afnan Aftab Motiwala says

    sometimes I feel that where is technology going , they have made so many exceptional products n on the other hand they cant sort out basic things…

  5. Dejavu Khan says

    it would have been better to use celcius than F.

  6. Ahmad Saeed says

    I would second that

  7. Sonu Monu says

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    Must Visit Peoples.

  8. Fazal Wahab says

    Thanks dear. But if you see in my articke. Every temprature I have converted to C for understanding. Above every slide you can read it. Anyways thanks for pointing out. 🙂

  9. MAS says

    a guy in UAE went for Eid Namaz and left his son in car with AC turned on…..which he came back he found the kid dead because the car AC tripped…….. we should be careful

  10. Syed Hussein El-Edroos says

    Thanks for sharing a very important safety matter.

  11. Syed Hussein El-Edroos says

    Shared it on page

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