Suzuki’s Honda City Revealed With ‘Aero’ Body Kit In Bangkok Motor Show

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The world of design is pretty much collapsing and closing on how daily driving cars look. I mean Audis are the prettiest cars on the road but they sort of just disappear among the rest. None of the affordable cars people use to do daily chores in have that distinctive presence on the road. It is fast becoming a global problem and not just limited to one vehicle maker. Some of it can be attributed to the safety regulations which dictate certain parts of a vehicle’s design, but still, where’s the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s exuberance?

This, ladies and gents, is Suzuki Ciaz, fitted with Aero Bodykit. Look at it from the side and you have to be blind to say that its not Honda City, while if you look closely from the side, the front resembles to FAW V2.

This mixture of Suzuki, Honda and FAW will be called either Ciaz RS or Ciaz Sports.


Right is Honda City, and left is Suzuki Ciaz

The kit includes side-skirts, front air-intake, rear bumper with a styling of diffuser, and big rear spoiler whereas the interior gets new leather seat work, touch-screen infotainment system which has current age’s functions like GPS and bluetooth, etc.

There is however no change in the performance aspect of the vehicle. The engine remains the same petrol powered 1.25 liter 4-cylinder unit, code named K12B which produces 91 HP while the CVT transmission is standard, taken out form the Thai-spec Swift.

So it is all show but no go, still, if Pak Suzuki ever plans to bring in this model in to Pakistan, Honda City would have a lot of trouble gaining traction and we wouldn’t be able to notice which car is what.

Pictures via IAB

Suzuki-Ciaz-Aero-front-three-quarter-left-at-the-2015-Bangkok-Motor-Show Suzuki-Ciaz-Aero-rear-three-quarter-at-the-2015-Bangkok-Motor-Show Suzuki-Ciaz-Aero-rear-spoiler-at-the-2015-Bangkok-Motor-Show Suzuki-Ciaz-Aero-front-three-quarter-at-the-2015-Bangkok-Motor-Show Suzuki-Ciaz-Aero-front-seats-at-the-2015-Bangkok-Motor-Show Suzuki-Ciaz-Aero-rear-seat-at-the-2015-Bangkok-Motor-Show Suzuki-Ciaz-Aero-infotainment-at-the-2015-Bangkok-Motor-Show

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  1. Alpha Bravo says

    i dont think so that it resembles Honda City

  2. muizz says

    tail lights and interior resembles

  3. HEARTYBOY says

    well it will be a impressive upgrade over suzuki liana if it comes to pakistan.

  4. Anonymouss says

    No resemblance to Honda City whatsoever. And if u are talking about the rear lights. Let me remind you Sir that Honda City’s rear lights are also inspired by BMW. So if Suzuki were inspired by those lights too. There isnt anything wrong in that.
    Its about time we stop calling Cars a COPY just based on our opinion.

    Thank you.

  5. Muhammad Bilal says

    This blog sunk faster than the sink hole in Corvette museum.

  6. Ahmed Hembel says

    The thing is, automakers seem to be out of new designs. Even if they design something from scratch, the result comes out to be resembling something that’s already available. Agree that both the taillights resemble BMW…

  7. rao says

    I totally agree with the author. It totally resembles the new city which our market hasnt seen yet

  8. Rosh says

    do you really believe suzuki have a sense to get inspired by BMW?? they are only capable of copying honda nothing else. to be on the receiving end of inspiration require some sort of mind and suzuki totally lacks it.

  9. Rosh says

    so it means suzuki is bulls**t every where. i thought we are the only special case but they proven they are copy cats when highest.

  10. Faisal Maqsood says

    Parcha katwao suzuki k naam bc!

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