Girl Power: A Vespa’s Journey From A Scooter To A Car

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The Pakwheels Lahore Autoshow was held in Lahore on 22nd March, 2015,the success of which is measured through not only the huge crowd and cars that turned up, but PakWheels Auto Shows are an arena for Pakistani automotive enthusiasts to come forward and show off their amazing feats in the garage. Regardless of race, gender, color or any other discrimination, everyone is welcome.

There is an award distributing ceremony at the end of every show, given to the participants but this day, the winner wasn’t a premium Mercedes or a gaudy Lamborghini, it was won by a girl.

The beauty of the automotive culture is that everyone is enthusiastic towards welcoming even the lightest of lightest petrol heads. And at the recent Lahore Auto Show, though there were many exotics, luxury and other drool worthy cars but Fizza Shabbar took the spotlight who bought a Vespa, and converted it into a car, and best of all, she did all by herself.

She won the 1st prize at the show, and received a lot of praise on her project. Luckily she happened to be a relative of mine, so I got in touch with her, and asked her a few questions, which are as follows

How did the idea came to you?

Well me and my brother used to talk about cars. About making cars, restoring them, new paint jobs and what not. When he went away (Passed away due to dengue fever on the 9th of October 2011, aged 26) l felt alone and was very sad. I am not that expressive which is why I never shared my feelings with anyone. I needed something, some sort of outlet to let go my anger and to stay busy to get over this misfortune.

I have done Masters in fine arts and I am a sculptor from National college of arts. Being an artist I had to bring by feeling out by creating something. I loved bikes but being in Pakistan, I could have never had the opportunity to ride one on streets. So being an artist and a person who is always into making things, I thought of making a car. With this and the wish to have a ride on bike brought me to the idea of adding two wheels to a motorbike or a Vespa.


“Mein tay, baray ho ker gaari banunga”, dreamed every Vespa, and Fizza Shabbar was here as a fulfillment to those dreams. All Vespas gathered around Fizza as she entered the nursery of Vespas, and all of the little Vespas gathered around Fizza’s feet shouting in their silly young voices “pick me! pick me!” but only one lucky Vespa would be nurtured into a proper car with four wheels. And it was chosen already.


I told my khala one day about this idea and she reminded me of the Vespa scooter of my khalu’s. I talked to him and he gave me his Vespa and this is how the journey started to grow into a car, So i got it fixed and started working on it with a helper mechanic ,start was costly and slow but I was determined. However, soon the mechanic lost his patience or should I say lost his hope with me and the car just like many others.

Financing Of The Project:

With the grace of GOD I financed this project myself, and am very proud of this, I am working in Nairang Art Gallery as a manager, my baba always tried to give me money but I tried to return all the money back. After all he is my father and he did eventually finance almost 20 percent of this project’s cost. The total cost was around 25000 rupees.

Time Frame Of The Project:

It took three long years to complete this project. Fizza got the Vespa on 5th May, 2012 and the car was first displayed in public on 22nd March, 2015, at the Lahore Auto Show. Yes, time flies by and you barely notice but seeing your brainchild sit out in the garage taking shape slowly in three years, requires quite a lot of patience.



There was a barrage of problems faced by Fizza, I am sure if PakWheelers knew about her project, they wouldn’t have let her face any problem still, as she said in her own words, “She couldn’t go alone to Bilal Ganj (bazar for car parts), mechanics knew the work but didn’t do it. If they agreed to work, they asked for a lot of money and no one would come home to work with a girl making a car. They would ask to bring the car to the work shop which I could not because I was doing all the work by myself, plus I had to work at night because of my job and a major problem was load shedding as well and last but not the least, the weight bearing frame broke one day just before the Lahore Auto Show.

Public and Pakistan’s Automotive Community’s Response:

In her own words, “Wow! The reaction was beyond my expectations; their reaction was awesome. Even the people who used to think she is a stupid girl wasting her time which she could be spending in the parlors! But there were many people who tapped my back after knowing that I am making a car at home all by myself, but that tap was not for encouragement, it was like “lagi raho end may kuch ni ban-na”, but you have seen the result. The car now runs fine on a Vespa engine.”


Project Ambition:

A car made by me, at home, a car that no one else has, a head turner and a one of a kind car.

Future Prospects?

Fizza says, “After seeing the great response of people at the car show, I am definitely making another one Insha-Allah. I am also open for collaboration with companies or individuals in carrying out similar projects on a commercial basis. The recognition by PakWheels and people in general has greatly lifted my morale and I think I can devote myself to this field.”


So there you have it folks, one girl who made all the difference by her enthusiasm and will alone. We should all appreciate her and learn from her example. You can also use her help in your own project if needed. These type of individuals are much needed for Pakistan and are a proof, that cars are not only toys for men.

And to end this blog, we always hold Ferdinand Porsche’s quote very close to our heart, “I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.”

– Pictures by Fizza Shabbar and Mujtaba Abbas

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  1. Ahmed Hembel says

    great work !

  2. Khurram Altaf says

    Oh! A local version of P45! Wonderful!

    Saw it a while back at Magic Motors, it was there for a paintjob I believe.

  3. Fahad Aziz says

    cool project. i would like to know the details like how the power is being transferred to the wheels and how does it steer? is it just a cosmetic frame over the vespa or it is connected mechanically ….

  4. Ahmad Kamal says

    An appreciated effort.

  5. ALI ([email protected]) says

    woww MashaAllah very very very brilliant work she did there…. sorry for her brother. and really she is a brilliant artist. at least it is better looking than napak suzuki mehran….
    thumbs uppppp
    may Allah bless her.
    i just wish i can also do it.

  6. VCheng says

    Awesome project!

  7. Farhan says

    My respects to the Lady. Her dedication, determination and hard work is really commendable. BTW …. It is a beautiful car

  8. M Murad Wajid says

    One Word. Amazing!!!
    Mash Allah

  9. Aamir Bashir says

    Mashallah this is awesome …. talent shows itself …. Well done

  10. aliqadri says

    Nice effort!

  11. Habib Ullah Khan says

    Any contact detail of this great lady?
    I also want to make Car with my Vespa

  12. Sanjay Natarajan says

    Wow….hats off to your work…

  13. Omer Siraj says

    Great effort..

    How difficuļt is it to have rear Vespa tire removed in case of a puncture?

    On a speed breaker entire weight of rear axle comes onto the Vespa rear wheel cuz it is mounted a little towards the front. hope it can handle the weight.

    Have u faced a situation when Vespa rear wheel powering the car has no contact with the road cuz one of the rear wheel is on a raised surface?

  14. Fouad Hafeez says

    For me, the most encouraging thing was reading the first two words of the title: “Girl Power”. It is very heartening, indeed, to learn that women in our neck of the woods, such as Fizza, are taking on such projects which were hitherto, an exclusively male domain.

    Secondly, this article serves to highlight that where there is a will, there is a way. If you persevere and pay due diligence to your dreams, you can make them happen. Against all odds.

    Perhaps this “Vescar” might never really catch on, commercially. Or perhaps – with more attention paid to technical aspects, aesthetics, and build quality – it might just become the next big “low-cost means of transport” for countless thousands. What it will always be, though, is a testament to one woman’s tenacity, hard work and vision.

    Shabash, beta.

  15. Xeeshan Amin says

    Great effort.
    Where can I see this car?

  16. Moonbaby says

    The front wheels are not connected to the scooter, they’re free.
    Shes an artist first and foremost. Its more of an artistic project but with plenty of technical stuff.

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