6th Generation Honda City May Not Be Launched In Pakistan Until 2017

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In October last year, Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan introduced a Minor Model Change (MMC) of the 5th Generation Honda City (2007-2013) while the customers and buyers were waiting for the newer 6th Generation Honda City. As expected, the MMC didn’t do well in terms of sales because people are holding off their purchases in anticipation that Honda Atlas might introduce the 6th Generation Honda City in the coming months.

Well, if you are among those few who are holding off their purchases hoping there would be a new model in June/July this year, then we have a bad news for you. One of our sources at Honda Atlas has confirmed that Honda Atlas currently has no plans to introduce the 6th Generation Honda City in the Pakistani market as of yet.

According to the source, Honda will introduce the 6th Generation Honda City not before 2017 when the international MMC of the car is out owing to the low sales the company is facing. He also said that a new model requires significant investment and sales number commitment from the dealers’ end, who all voted against launching the 6th Generation Honda City for now.

This means that we will continue to see the current Honda City on our roads until the better part of 2017.

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  1. MasroorGilani says

    Is your source first hand? Normally for such a big news you have to have two sources at least. Anyways it’s a hell of a breaking news.

  2. Raja Abrar Hussain says

    Why don’t we get cars in Pakistan updated along with rest of the world despite being a demand especially for Toyota & Honda.. silly.!!!
    Or is it that the auto makers want all there unused material be assembled & sold in Pakistan.

  3. Anti-Punjabi says

    Panjabis buy civic nowadays waderas buy land cruiser honda is for pandapi panjabi in night they laugh like this hohaha tusi kee kehrayeee ho

  4. Anti-Punjabi says

    And Lusi ho toh panjabi jaisay sindh may reh keh sindhi ko bora kehtay hain outar kay chappal marnay chaheye lusi maryas

  5. Fahad Ullah says

    Yes. The source is first hand. Also, reconfirmed it from one of their vendors too, who usually gets information at least 3 years in advance.

  6. Adnan Khan says

    Strange Decision. City had issues. it wobbled at 90km/h and suspension was bad too. And 11th generation Corolla Killed the Competition. Honda Should Introduce the new generation ASAP, if it wants to survive in this Market.

  7. Abdullah says

    I said the same thing four months back but nobody believed me! But for sure it would get launched in Q4 2016

  8. Khurram says

    Seems self contradictory. Why would Honda continue with a low selling model. It would damage customer trust/loyalty giving corolla an opportunity to fill the gap

  9. Saad R. says

    ” Dealers voted against launching the 6th Generation Honda City for now”. Dealers are stupid. It is pretty evident city sales have gone down because of the continuous complexity around the launch of new shape, specially since its launch in India and the fact that the current shape has been around since 2009.

    Bring the new shape in then see how the sales surge.

  10. Kashif says

    Thanks Fahad Ullah for bringing this up. I was one of those who was waiting for Atlas Honda to launch new model some where during this year. Too bad that they are so incompetent to do it and as a result they are losing me as a buyer already.

    Cant wait for their incompetence any more and going for Corolla instead ……

  11. Asad Malik says

    The peeps in Honda are idiots.City is a car made for middle-class,its sales have always been greater than the flagship model civic they are offering.New toyota is killing sales of both civic and city.I will not in my right mind buy a ride which is already at its term end so thanks Honda i will go for corolla.

  12. rashid says

    The last civics and cities have the worst suspension to date, was never a corolla fan but now having owned corolla, civic and city at the same time I see corolla has best suspension, but hondas and cities look better both from inside and out as the colors and paint is way better in honda and the styling overall.

    But you forget all about the looks when you live in a city with bad roads all over and esp when you have a pregnant wife with you and you know the roads are not improving soon.

    I wish Honda Atlas people drove the cars before they deliver to customers pathetic suspensions. Feels like riding a wooden “phatta”!

    So for now people buy japanese cars or old mercedes and bmws and new ones if you can!

  13. Anti-Punjabi says

    Yes u are right .Honda is Pandapi panjabi car Corolla made in sindh it nice car unlike honda lusi marya

  14. Asad Malik says

    Because its Pakistan where there are straw brained monkeys assigned in Honda’s management department.

  15. Anti-Punjabi says

    Its not pakistan Its Punjab Where panjabi cars and people live.

  16. Asad Malik says

    Who says KHI is bad.I never once heard her in punjab anyone talking bad about our fellow bretheren.Dekhain bhai har insaan doodh ka dhula nai hota,there are always people who are against unity,have bad mindset and fail to give respect people deserve.Saeen main karachi main gya to sub say pehlay main nay sindhi zubaan ki tareef ki aur bhut khushi hui,bhut meethi language hai.Allah nay humain insaan ashraf makhlook banaya hai.Meri kya jurat kay kisi bhai ko gali dun aur ALLAH ki takhliq to bura kahoon?Bhai Pakistan ka koi bhi kona ho hum sab Pakistani hain.KHI main behtar tankhwah hai saray shehron kay muqablay main,Pakistan ka sab say bara shehar hai.Bas thoray security issues hain.I am not jealous.Pyar ki bolee sekhain bhai,aur rahi baat idhar ki kabhi twin cities main ain to khidmat ka moqa dain,inshallah you will not be disappointed.

  17. Muhammad Faid says

    Guys go for honda grace hybrid which I already see in lahore…I confirm with my importer…Is it available, he assured me…we import it if u want and also mentioned we still not importing bcoz still now its price high which almost 32 lac but believe I saw it on road which looking much better than indian version.

  18. MalikSaabi says

    Honda….where art thou super cool diesel units? 1.6 diesel, mate that to an auto trans, put it in a good looking car with a few decent options and you can sell them like hot cakes; turn your company into profit mode.

  19. Fahad says

    Faw is on the way to launch its sedan…I.A in the end of this years pictures and specifications leak by faw and they launch in 1st quarter of 2016…honda city rip

  20. Ahsan Raza says

    Hi any further update on Launch of City new shape.

  21. Fahad Ullah says

    There is some news. I am trying to get in touch with my source. Once I get the news, I will post it on the blog as a separate entry. Check the blog in a few days.

  22. Ahsan Raza says

    Good..will wait and hopefully Honda plan to come up with new shape late this year.

  23. Ahsan Raza says

    So no update yet ..should we buy the present model instead of waiting..if it has to come in 2017.

  24. Fahad Ullah says

    I don’t want to post anything until I get confirmation from my source. Sorry buddy, you’ll have to wait a little longer.

  25. Aamir says

    Any update on the launch of Honda City in Pakistan, in near future in new shape I.e. Sixth generation

  26. Aamir says

    Dear Fahad you mentioned that you will update in a few days

  27. Ch Abdur Rahman says

    Plz Update I know from a source in honda atlas that city is launching in 2016

  28. Ch Abdur Rahman says

    Is there any chances of new shape in 2016 or not

  29. hailian320 says

    Quite right…..After thoughts of many months finally booked Toyota….. looser strategy by Honda indeed….. How long they can stretch the last city model….

  30. Umar Mian says

    dealers’ end, who all voted against launching the 6th Generation Honda City for now. what a waste.

    When cars got outdated in other part of the world automaker install the new manufacturing line over thier and import their outdated model manufacturing lines in overhere and start making that outdated models. which sold very well. No extra cost on another manufacturing line. This is what automaker are doing in Pakistan.

  31. john says

    fahad yar bata do kab tak honda ki new shape pakistan main aa rai hay ?

    i am waiting for it likn pakistan main to inhon nay purani shape ko hi hoda sa modify kar kay bhaij diya hay

  32. Ado Goraya Jutt says

    Karachi walo ny rakhni charade 84 aur bakwaas LC / Honda / Civic / BMW / Audi jaise ky yeh chootiye critiques hon full punjabi tasub Pakistan sirf punjab ki kamaai per chal raha ha Mailon Bill toh bharty nahin ho Bijli chor Altaf k Tatty .|.



  33. Tahir Chaudry says

    If you are in lahore you can go and see the new model, new shape honda city 2015 model in white colour near expo centre lahore…the car is standing in local dealer showroom not on honda showroom…..dealer showroom is back side of petrol pump at ayoub chowk

  34. Haroon Rashid says

    Really Bro ?
    But do you know when its coming to Pakistan officially

  35. Tahir Chaudry says

    Yes bro….The honda city new shape model is standing near expo centre lahore at ayoub chowk back side of pso petrol pump and honda city new shape is till not coming officially to pakistan…..I think it will in 2016 in pakistan honda showrooms……

  36. umar says


  37. Doosti says

    Punjab ki neeche ki qamai se Pakistan chal raha he…….. Pakistan zindabad.

  38. Sam says

    Honda’s flagship is Honda Legend.. Civic is an average car for honda. A mid-sized sedan..

  39. Haris says

    As is with ur name….u are a jutt…

  40. Haris says

    Abey bhai Honda city 15 lac ki hai….. yaha honda city ka log parh rahe hain tum chawal 32 lakh ki gari bata rahe ho

  41. Wasif Hafeez says

    Is there any truth to speculations going on about launching of 2016 city next month?

  42. Syed Ali Fraz says

    any update ??

  43. Hamza Shk says

    What about thai one

  44. Ali Ghumman says

    Wanted to buy Honda city new model in Jan 2016.. will I be able to get 6 generation or not possible? ?

  45. Aqeel says

    Your ID rightly suggests your mental condition.

  46. saad says

    authentic news is it wont be launched before 2018

  47. abdullah says

    Any news about city launch sir??????dates etc?

  48. Haris says

    heard that the city is being launched in March 2017 alongwith Suzuki Celerio … any truth in it ?

  49. Mirza Salman Niaz says

    Any update on new shape of honda city 2017 ?

  50. Ahmed A. says

    Hi all, its Feb of 2017 now and I need to know if anyone has any insight on the new Honda City shape. Is it coming out soon perhaps?
    My company has offered to purchase a Honda City for me, so I was thinking to wait for the new model. Please advise if anyone has some inside information. Thanking you.

  51. Alpha Bravo says

    May be mid of 2019

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