Summer Is Here – Prepare Your Car To Battle The Heat!

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Yes, folks, summer is here. Maybe it hasn’t gotten that hot in some cities but it’s going strong in most parts of the country. And the temperature is only going to increase. The havoc caused by extreme heat and blistering hot air last year was a painful time for the citizens of Pakistan. Not only thousands of people fell ill due the heat but also hundreds of people lost their lives throughout Pakistan. Considering last year’s dreadful experience, people have started to prepare themselves in advance this year.

If you are one of those who have started to buy cold and refreshing drinks in weekly shopping and have installed air conditioners in offices and houses, maybe it’s time to prepare your car for the summers as well. Extreme heat, hot atmosphere, and then a high level of rains can negatively affect the performance of your vehicle. But you can save yourself from a headache if you follow few things.

Air Conditioner

Usually, the cabin of a car gets hotter than the exterior in summer when windows and doors are all shut tight. Traveling without an A/C can be really hard in summers. So if your car comes equipped with an A/C unit, make sure it’s in working condition before the start of summer seasons. Get the A/C unit serviced if you feel it’s not cooling efficiently or is making unnecessary sounds, etc.


Brakes and Tyres

In many parts of the country, you will face rains during summers as well. If you live in the sure region or have to travel through certain areas, then make sure you have good tyres, and brake service was done. Both of these things are or utmost importance for you and your passengers’ safety. From wheels alignment to tyre pressure, make sure everything is in done properly. Over or under inflating tyres can be dangerous in summers. If you feel some vibration when applying brakes, or you are hearing any kind of grinding noises, get the brake pads/shoes and rotors/drums checked.

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Windscreen Wipers

Can you drive with your eyes closed? I am quite sure not. Then think it yourself, how can you drive with a dirty and a blurry windscreen? Like everything else, the rubber of wipers can run out of their life and need replacement. So such kind of wrapped wipers blades can mess up the visibility instead of clearing the dirt and mud off the screen.


Engine Coolant and Radiator

It is quite common for cars to heat up in summers. You might have seen people stranded on the roads with open bonnet hoods and smoke blowing everywhere. So it’s better to check the coolant level regularly in summers. It’s better to use a quality anti-freeze, but if you are only using plain water in the system, do not be lazy with regular checkups. The cooling system of your vehicle’s engine has to work extra hard in summers to keep the temperature under control. Change the engine oil on time and look for any kind of leaks in the cooling system. And also, take extra precaution when operating on a hot engine. Opening a radiator cap of a car that has been running for some time can cause serious injury.

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It is fairly common for people to get agitated or annoyed in summers. And that can seriously lead to some boiling heights if your car breaks down in the middle of the road as well. So make sure you have a pleasant and safe journey by following these tips. If you want to add more to the list, please do so in the comments section below.


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