Suzuki Cultus (2000-2017) – Budget Car Review

4 1,356 is back again with another budget car review for you. In the budget car review series, tries to review, which can be easily afforded by the masses in Pakistan. This time we are reviewing Suzuki Cultus (2000-2017). This particular model from Suzuki has been very popular in Pakistan. From 2000 to 2017, Pak Suzuki has tweaked the model; however, the general shape and size of the vehicle remained the same.

Pak Suzuki launched Cultus back in 2000 with a three-cylinder 1000cc engine paired with a 5-speed manual transmission. It quickly became popular due to its executive and sleek look, which was paired with a spacious interior for the price tag. In the beginning, Cultus Car came with three variants: VX, VXR, and VXL. The VX variant had black bumpers and had no air conditioning. Due to low popularity, the VX variant was discontinued later in 2005. The VXR variant came with body-colored bumpers and air conditioning. The VXL variant was fully equipped and had body-colored side mirrors, power steering, power windows, and alloy rims. The VXL variant was discontinued in 2010 when Suzuki Swift was launched.


As mentioned earlier, the exterior remained the same during the lifespan of this model. Minor trim changes like side door moldings, front chrome grill, headlights, and taillights. In the earlier models, the headlights and taillights were not crystal. However, in later models, crystal lights were included to increase the appeal. The VXR model came with wheel caps while the VXL model came with alloy rims.

The exterior had a hatchback shape that provided ample headroom for rear passengers. The VXR variant came with black side door moldings and black side mirrors. Both of these exterior items were body colored in the VXL variant. From 2016 to 2017, the limited edition variant had all the exterior features of previously discontinued VXL; however, power windows and power steering were not included.


Considering the price of the car, it came with not many modern features. It had features like front cup holders, ashtray, cigarette lighter and air conditioning. The VXL variant included power windows and power steering. If you are traveling within the city, this model of Cultus can seat five people comfortably. However, for longer journeys, it has optimal space for four adults. The front and back leg space are also sufficient. Suzuki has also changed various trims inside the car like silver trim around the AC vents.

Over the years, the interior did not change much and came with fabric seats as standard. The quality of the interior is good compared to other Suzuki models. In the beginning, the car did not come with an rpm meter, which was included in later models. The boot space was also ample compared to the competitors like Hyundai Santro at that time. The rear seats can be folded to provide extra luggage capacity while seating two passengers on the front seats. From 2016 to 2017, the limited edition had some additional interior features like 2-DIN stereo system and new door fabric.

Performance and comfort:

Before 2007, the model came with a 3-cylinder carburetor engine. From 2007 onwards, the model came with a 4-cylinder EFI engine which was more efficient. Moreover, in 2012, Suzuki Cultus started coming with Euro II engine, which further improved the efficiency and reduced emissions. Suzuki Cultus 2000-2017 delivered comfort as well with its spacious interior and relatively comfortable ride quality.

Spare parts availability and maintenance:

As far as maintenance is concerned, owners can take their cars to a widely spread network of 3S dealerships of Suzuki in Pakistan. Moreover, spare parts are easily available across Pakistan. However, genuine spare parts from Suzuki are still expensive compared to aftermarket parts available in the market.


With a carburetor engine, this model gave a low mileage of around 11km per liter in the city and 13km per liter on the highway. With the introduction of EFI engine, the same model gave around 14km per liter of mileage in city and around 17km per liter on the highway.


Some of the aspects that make this car popular in the country include superior mileage, good ground clearance, and cheap and easily available spare parts. The car also held its value from 2000 to 2017 and had a good resale market. It is still being traded in the used-car market and some people still prefer this model to the new one currently on sale.

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  1. Mudassar says

    Sunil bhai, I don’t know why, but you shouldn’t review of such an old car. I think it’s a waste of time.

  2. Mudassar says

    Sunil bhai, I don’t know why, but you shouldn’t review of such an old car. I think it’s a waste of time.

  3. khuram says

    Yep why should poor people have anything suggested for them. We need only reviews for cars of 20lac or more value. F*ck the poor.

  4. Mudassar says

    These cars have been reviewed 100’s of time already. These are 2nd, 3rd or 4th maybe more hands old available. So, 99% chances that people will not get what Sunil bhai is reviewing…..

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