New Year’s gift – Pak Suzuki increases its car prices

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PakWheels reported earlier that after Toyota other local automakers are also gearing up to raise the prices of their cars. And to no surprise, Suzuki Pakistan has increased the price of its various vehicles with Honda to follow soon. According to local automakers the increase in price is due to the devaluation of rupee—in simple terms not all parts of the cars are manufactured locally, so the automakers are forced to import parts from foreign vendors, which due to the devaluation of rupee have now become expensive.

The amended prices are as follow:


Moreover, Pak Suzuki is also getting ready to lock horns with foreign automakers who are all set to enter the local market this year. The company in this regard has also introduced five vehicles in the previous year including two new bikes to attract the local consumers.

Let’s wait and see how events unfold, until then stay tuned to PakWheels for more updates.

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  1. fed up says

    Who cares for scrap price increasesd, 2018 is having a good change, KIA and Hyundai are on the way. No body is going to buy shitzuki anymore.

  2. Junaid says

    And why have they increased the prices? I do not think they are paying any serious dollars to build the shitzuki they are selling. For mehran Afghani currency is the more than sufficient to make that crappy box out of 2nd hand dalda boxes from an Afghan pathan.

  3. Jahangir Abbasi says

    and here we have Pakwheels promoting Shitzuki’s crappiest car to date on its home page

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