Suzuki Mehran vs Chery QQ: Who Wins? You Decide!

mehran v qq

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Chery is a Chinese automobile manufacturing company founded in 1997 by the Government of China. Most of you wouldn’t have even known about this company if the QQ hadn’t been imported to Pakistan. Anyways with the research from different sources to find out about QQ we are here with a comparative analysis of the Chinese vehicle with what has almost become our nation’s symbol, Suzuki Mehran by Suzuki Pakistan.

Knowing so much about Mehran, once someone names the car you start to babble about its presence throughout the ages. Also we will just be comparing the manual version of Chery QQ so that it is easy for us to come to conclusions.


One cannot deny that QQ surely outshines Suzuki Mehran. With comfortable seats and roomy interior the passengers have a feel of freedom whereas if you compare it with Suzuki Mehran, it’s like you’re caged. Toned interior is found in the vehicle with add-ons like cup holder next to the gear. Back seats are foldable which gives enough space for you to fit in your luggage. In small compact cars, these features are what matter the most as they are not big enough but by folding and sliding interior can make them spacious when needed.


Although Chery QQ had to face controversies and visit court regarding its design but still the car did well. The shape of both the car has its own standard and class. Enough of criticizing Suzuki Mehran, it still has a decent design.


Chery QQ has all the basic features a car should have. It has air conditioning in every version along with power windows, power steering and power locks. Owners of Suzuki Mehran can just dream of these things, with prices almost hitting 1 million in the next few years, we’re confident enough that the car will still not be equipped with such basic features. Not to forget Chery QQ has fog lamps and matching mirrors too. Just for your information matching mirrors are not even offered in Suzuki Swift DX. Up until like 2014-2015, Suzuki Mehran did not even offer any head unit. Now, however, you can have a CD player if you want to.


I’ll leave this section to the owners of both the vehicles to inform us with their experience. I have driven Mehran a lot of times but QQ probably three or four times. But the drive of QQ was better than Mehran. It was smooth and it was pretty obvious that Chery had invested more in the suspension and handling of the car.


With seat belts for all the passengers on board, Chery QQ also has airbags. Safety is surely not compromised in QQ and this is proved by providing ABS feature as well. One doesn’t even dream of ABS in Suzuki Mehran.

Although one could argue that QQ wins hands down against Suzuki Mehran but the fact that you do not see them on the roads is undeniable. The overly used statement by our auto consumers like “gari ki resale nahi hai”, makes me feel sorry. There won’t be a market of a car unless people break the shell and start buying new cars. Otherwise no new entry in our auto scene will be able to make a market for themselves, and there will not be any 2nd hand resale value.

QQ interior 1

Mehran interior 1

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  • Abdul Hannan

    hahaha what about reliability, resale and after market support??? 😛

  • Usman

    Mehrans interior!!!!OMG!

  • Aqeel Zia Nayyer

    are you saying mehran is RELIABLE 😮

  • Nadeem Farooq

    After 50000 km not a single issue on road. Euro II is giving mileage of 20km/litre on highways…Equipped with A/C. On Pak Wheels I seriously feel there is a community who have not bought a single car from their hard earned money.I have not found a single imported car having price tag of less than 8 lacs and 8 lac cars are those 660 CC cars which you cant drive for 75km/hr speed. Even for MIRA, side mirrors cost me around 5000 where as you don’t worry about such things in local cars like Mehran. We do worry about these things cause we have to spend from our very own pocket.

  • Sabeeh Ur Rehman Tariq

    you can get old models of Mira(2005,2006 etc) and Japanese Alto,Wagon R etc and many more, I got a Mitsubishi Mini Pajero for .5 million Rs 2005 model and it has been running so smooth even with the odo on 170000. Better then a Mehran in every way.A good car can be found it just takes an extra effort and no one wants to do that….. -_- .

  • Shahnawaz

    I am interested in any car rather than Mehran however having these concerns.

    1) Maintenance cost?
    2) Milage per liter?
    3) Does it support CNG?
    4) Price?
    5) Spare parts availability?

    6) Dealers network?

    Car purchase karny main masla nhi hota us ko Maintain karny main masla hota hai. Like Mehran ka side mirror 100 main bhi mil jaye ga what about QQ mirror? May be mily hi na?

  • Muhammad Laman Samo

    Exactly, I had a serious laugh too.HAHA

  • Muhammad Laman Samo

    Its true that the spare parts won’t be available in the starting, but as you see more car on roads, the more spare parts will be available. If you can recall what happened with Vitz in the starting, people had to wait for months to get their parts but now you go to any car parlour and they have what you want.

  • Muhammad Laman Samo

    Instead of judging our source of income, you can give a try if you can. Every imported car tops its meter whether it is 140 km/h or 180km/h. A friends Mira does 140 very easily.

  • Muhammad Laman Samo


  • Mohammad Mustafa Muqaddis

    Do you have any cherry QQs in sight not older than 2010 models. I cannot have it leased from the bank if its older than 5 years.

  • Usman

    If there is less resale then for God sake you are Ready buying it for less then its Market value…

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    is qq still being sold? because qq is in market for long enough time for spare parts to be available if it were to.
    btw we have a qq in family so i’ll answer the questions:
    1) parts are priced higher than mehran but better in quality and needs less often maintenance
    2. mileage isn’t as good as mehran but better than coure.
    3. cng? yeah it does, its as good as a santro on cng.
    4. price was cheaper than mehran about 4 years ago.
    5. all parts are available in major cities like lahore, islamabad, rawalpindi and most parts are available in other cities.
    6. in most major cities.

  • Abdul Hannan

    reliability in sense that u can repair it even in remotest areas of pakistan 😛

  • Muhammad Laman Samo

    Sales has been discontinued. Once the parts are readily available, the prices go down automatically.

  • Ziba Ji

    Is Cherry available in Pakistan

  • Awais


  • awais

    is chery qq available in Pakistan.?I searched in google but cant find even a website.

  • Aqeel Zia Nayyer

    so getting repair it on monthly basis means its realiable – lol

  • Abdul Hannan

    it all depends on past maintenance history…….if past maintenance history is bad,then any RELIABLE car can give u tough time :)……moreover i have clarrified why m saying it reliable

  • Omer

    I’d agree with Laman Samo, I have been driving both. Every JDM touches maximum point of meter with grip, which you cannot certainly try with Mehran.

  • 123

    Then google karakoram motors. You’ll find it there

  • Muhammad Adil Mazhar

    Yes used only

  • Anonymous

    New Available bhi hai ya sift batyn chodaty rehty ho. I think hum pakistan walon ki qismat main mehran he hai. Kuch humara kasoor hai aur kuch govt. ka. so enjoy mehran 😛