Fallout Of Suzuki Wagon-R New Advertisement Campaign

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For last few days, few friends of the blog has complained that we criticize Pak Suzuki way too much. Maybe there is some truth in it as well but please keep in mind that we are not criticizing them just for the sake it, but to help them improve. The fact that Pak Suzuki ranks in top three car manufacturers of Pakistan is no doubt a good thing, but it’s saddening to see the same car maker making substandard vehicles, and then selling those substandard cars to our auto consumers as if they something out of this world. Wouldn’t it be great if Pak Suzuki starts selling new cars, that it offers internationally, along with its decades old Mehran. It’s our right, just like other Suzuki car buyers around the world.

Recently, Pak Suzuki started “practically perfect” marketing campaign for its Wagon-R, at a huge scale. Considering that we still don’t get basic equipment like ABS, air bags, central locking, electric windows etc. in all three variants of the Wagon-R, makes you think you are still stuck in the past. You still have that manual window door handle to wind it up or down, in two of the Wagon-R variants.

Had it been 20th century, we would have been fine with all the stuff Suzuki Wagon-R doesn’t have. But it’s not! We are living in an age full of all sorts of tech, and except Pak Suzuki, everyone is on board. We’ll stop here, because we know people would complain about it. But what can one do about people expressing their frank opinions about Pak Suzuki and their cars on social media? Even Pak Suzuki’s Facebook page had the same thing going on.

There are more than 250 comments on the Wagon-R commercial uploaded at Pak Suzuki’s Facebook page, and most of them are negative. The point is, we are not only ones who talk about the abysmal quality of cars made by Pak Suzuki, but a major chunk of automotive enthusiasts have the same opinion. Major criticism is on the high price, and low built quality of the car.

Response on Suzuki Wagon-R advertisement

One of the commenter, Yahya Ismail, a resident of Karachi said that considering the built quality of Wagon-R, Pak Suzuki should start selling the car for Rs 350,000/, which is the actual worth of the car. Another Facebook user, Ehab Mohib wrote that his old imported Japanese Suzuki is far more equipped than the new Wagon-R. Usman Khalid, resident of Lahore said that had cars like Mehran and Bolan been made in some other country, they wouldn’t have been allowed on the roads.

Fall out of Suzuki Wagon-R advertisement on social media

A lot of the people said that they would prefer buying a Toyota Passo or FAW V2 instead Wagon-R, because those cars had a lot more to offer than just a power steering.

Its possible employees at Pak Suzuki are not very thrilled about all the criticism they face. But believe us, our only concern is to make them realize their shortcomings, and make them improve themselves. But the point is, is there anyone at Pak Suzuki who has any interest to listen to the general consumer and improve their products.

The feature packed Suzuki WagonR is practically perfect. #SuzukiPakistan #WagonR

Posted by Suzuki Pakistan on Monday, 12 October 2015

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  1. Geekpk says

    These mango people are same who r still buying cultus…..kisi haal mein b khush nai.

  2. Smokingaces says

    totally agree with you. Also, both Toyota and Honda too need to improve their cars which they are selling here officially. Especially XLi and City. City Aspire is really a good car, but it would be great if Hondaadded Air bags in all of its versions.

  3. Rao Tariq Jamil says

    You are 100% right man, but what you think about XLI. I think Toyota Carolla XLI is full of wonders (A real value for money) as compared to WagonR. Shame for XLI, You are criticizing Wagon R, that there is no power windows, ABS, central locking in all three trims. Some features these features are present in VXL trim (Its price is 1.1million) like central locking, imoblizer, front power windows, but it lacks ABS which is big disappointment. But what you are getting in XLI as comparison. WagonR price is 0.9-1.1 million for different trims. If your loved carrola is not offering such facilities in 1.7 million car then why are you so disappointed with 1 million car. Realy amazing or lack of information for these dual faced people.

  4. MSUH says

    PKDM Wagon R has Central locking, immobilizer, power steering, powerful ac, fuel efficient, better brakes, K10b is the among latest engine it was launched first time in WR in 2009 in India. Wagon R is far better value for money vehicle available in Pakistani market specially if you compare it with 2 decade old obsolete cultus.

    This is the first time paksuzuki has launched international car that is being currently sold in Indonesia and India. Even present Suzuki Swift model was discontinued from world over in 2004 and we are still getting it here.

    I would suggest anyone hating WR to have Test drive first it is free of cost then decide yourself. I am sure even the blogger haven’t test driven it yet.

  5. Atif says

    Criticism against Paksuzuki is completely justified:-
    Despite 60% market share PAKSUZUKI is selling decades old vehicles, most of the cars sold by Paksuzuki have long been discontinued in all other countries. They are not manufactured or sold anywhere outside Pakistan. This includes Mehran, Bolan, Ravi, Cultus, and Swift. Cars by Paksuzuki lack mandatory safety features like airbags, force limiters, abs, modern protection frames, and neither are they crash test certified.

    There needs to be a law that forces assemblers to transfer modern technology. (Not early 80s era technology of Mehran with ZERO EXPORT POTENTIAL). Regulations need to be enforced which make it compulsory for assemblers to replace models in line with international market, include critical safety features like airbags/abs/immobilizer, and adopt modern emission standards.

    Once quality vehicles are produced locally they will have export potential and can bring in revenue to the country and create more jobs. In long term this will benefit both consumers and the government.

    Currently, Paksuzuki is exploiting Pakistani market and benefiting Japanese economy only by heavy profit repatriations. The government if favoring them over consumers every step of the way.

  6. Salman Hasan says

    I think you should not compare it with cultus as 20 year old cultus is not the benchmark for what our hard earned 1 million rupees should buy today.

    Quick google search reveals that in India this is priced below 5 lacs which very roughly translates approx 7.5 lacs PKR.

    I think though as an oligoply structure of our local industry, blame lies mostly with the government and lesser with car manufacturers. Pak suzuki locally still selling mehran and bolan in heaps like there is no tomorrow despite our griviences and therefore they dont have much incentive. Equivalent japanese imports are better quality but expensive to maintain. Its us ordinary individuals suffering….

  7. Khurram says

    I am sorry, but we are comparing under 1000 CC hatchback cars and not a 1300 CC sedan.

  8. guest says

    BUY FAW V2 , MUST CAR…………….. PRICE 1049000/= and 3 years warranty with no extra fee….

  9. FM says

    bhai jaan , TEST DRIVE FAW V2 …. FREE OF COST…..fully loaded vct i

  10. Imran says

    No doubt bhai.. Faw mein air bags, abs , etc sub kuch hai… lekin build quality LOW hai.. Suzuki Mehran jaisi quality hai Faw v2 ki…………..

  11. Nasier sheikh. says

    The way Pak Suzuki behaves ,making money only,and not giving any thing substantial in return ,it gives me a feeling pak. Suzuki belongs some Hindu Bania.

  12. Mashood Anwar says

    Pak suzuki kept on disappointing us 🙂

  13. Imran says

    You can’t expect anything good from this company. They are only here in Pakistan to dump globally obsolete models such as Cultus, Mehran, Ravi, Bolan and Swift.

    It will be best for Pakistan if Paksuzuki shuts down and another decent assembler replaces it.

    Asides from politicians and government officials from Engineering Development Board/Industries Ministry I have not seen anyone appreciating the company.

    – either provide LIFE SAVING features such as airbags in your cars and replace models in line with global market or remove your exploitative company from Pakistan.

  14. RexMajor says

    @disqus_YhCUmaW1aQ:disqus Sounds like you work for Paksuzuki 😉

  15. Hamza Bajwa says

    pak suzuki is one of worst company in pakistan……..in one million it gives substandard and third class car…..it is better to get faw v2 than wagnor

  16. Taimur Hassan says

    today i bought FAW V2 , inspired by this article…………… FAW V2 you beauty…. NO issue of parts at all… will be massively available since local production is to start next year…. fuel economy is perfect…… GREAT… GREAT……. People discouraged me that i am buying a chinese car… bla…bla..bla… IDIOT PEOPLE…. China made JF 17 thunder, your Samsung phones in Pakistan with official warranty are Made in China… NOkia has plant in China…. Huawei, Lenovo and Haier are Chinese companies……….. Idiot people said Buy zero meter cultus…. Idiot Pakistani People do not know.. Cultus has nothing in it….. WE are guys of Third Generation… WE see Value for Money… do not bother Resale value…………

  17. Salman Hasan says

    How do u know that FAW is low quality Bro? We all been discussing that it is not lately on Pakwheels…

    On the other hand mehran is a 1980’s Pepsi can which ain’t low quality either but structurally and safety features wise is 3 decades behind the current generation of any entry level car

  18. Muhammad Aamer says

    Pak Suzuki is the worst cars manufacturers in Pakistan, while on the other hand the prices are as high as they are making the world’s best cars, shame on you Pak Suzuki.

  19. Syed Muhammad Abbas says

    paksuzuki ho aur disappointment na ho…….

  20. Rahatullah Mallick says

    itna lamba ad aik power steering kay liye ??? :O

  21. Baba Corolla says

    I want an opinion …I have 1 million budget should i go for FAW v2 or Wagon R? do reply

  22. Shehryar Saleh Soomro says

    V2 is better idea.. Never wagon R

  23. Shehryar Saleh Soomro says

    Absolutely rite man… And i think they are enemy of there own setup and they don’t want runing or getting fame for Pak Suzuki

  24. Shehryar Saleh Soomro says

    Broo..u r rite.. But No resale of V2 even… 😀 go nd check urself by reselling ur v2

  25. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Janab ne bola kya pehle ye to koi samjhaye mujhe

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