PakWheels Peshawar Auto Show 2015 Will Showcase All Sorts Of Rides

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It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that Peshawar and its auto markets have been some of the most famous when it comes to bringing you modified cars in all of Pakistan. Peshawar’s auto market is renowned around the country for its wide range and you will find all sorts of gems that you wouldn’t be able find in markets of other cities otherwise. People of Peshawar were modifying their Toyotas, Hondas and Daihatsus long before people from other cities got into the game.

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PakWheels members who have been with us for a long time wouldn’t have forgotten the 4E-FTE swapped turbo charged Daihatsu Charade  of a PakWheeler from Peshawar, [email protected]. There are many famous PakWheels members in Peshawar like him who have been modifying their cars for a long period of time. That Charade is just one of those examples.

Casper Charade (1) Casper Charade (2) Casper Charade (3)

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Also one of the oldest PakWheels members, [email protected] has kept all sorts of sports and luxury cars, including Toyota Supra, a Porsche Boxter, more than five Nissan 350z cars, an Integra, Mazdas, and many more including a host of SUVs.

Faizan ([email protected]), another senior member of PakWheels has been modifying and tuning cars since he was able to drive, has kept all sorts of Hondas running on B16 engines and Toyotas swapped with 4A-GE engines. Among all sorts of Toyotas and Hondas, he has also kept a beautiful Mazda Rx7. Craftsmanship of people working in the field of automobiles in Peshawar is second to none. Many would know the beautifully restored 1970s yellow Toyota Celica hatchback of Tariq Aziz Khan.

Faizan-Khan-(2) Faizan-Khan-(1) Faizan-Khan-(11) Faizan-Khan-(10) Faizan-Khan-(9)  Faizan-Khan-(7) Faizan-Khan-(6)  Faizan-Khan-(4) Faizan-Khan-(3)

From new Japanese imports to old European classics, needless to say, Peshawar is filled with all sorts of exotics and modified cars. It is a great opportunity for the auto enthusiasts of Peshawar to showcase their cars at the upcoming PakWheels Auto Show. The show is being organized in hopes of bringing out hidden auto treasures in the garages of proud owners in Peshawar, and show them to folks who share the same passion.

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