Mercedes Benz SL|PURE Concept Is A Modern Take On The Classic 300SL Merc

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Mercedes Benz is no stranger to Gullwing doors, they are the ones who came up with them all the way back in 1952 when they were designing one of their race cars. When they were finalizing the design of the car, they found out that the body wasn’t able to accommodate conventional doors. The solution was hinging the doors on the roof rather than on the side and thus the iconic Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing was born.

The 300SL is one of the most desirable Mercedes Benz of all times and still has a loyal following to this date. One of those people is Matthias Botcher, a designer from Stuttgart, Germany. Matthias recently created a Mercedes Benz concept car dubbed “SL Pure“. He sees the car as a modern interpretation of the iconic 300SL and in truth it looks absolutely fantastic. But there is a problem, Martthias may see it as a modern interpretation of the 300SL but decided not to give the concept car Gullwing doors, which instantly doesn’t make it a modern version of the 300SL in our books. Sorry, Martthias!

The SL Pure is a great concept car but it is by no means a modern day 300SL, which is a damn shame because the car is stunning in design and profile, especially the wheels. Mercedes should employ the man based on the wheel designs alone. The car surely looks great, but SL enthusiasts might have issue calling it the reinterpretation of the original.

Watch the video and photos of the Concept below.

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