Road Rage In USA – You Might Get Shot For Driving Slow!

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There’s no denying the fact that slow drivers can be a bit annoying, like when your traveling on the GT road and you see a car driving at something like 50 km/h and causing massive inconvenience to the cars behind it. Though it seems that the owner of a black Ford Mustang in Georgia, USA, really really hates slow drivers. So much in fact that he decided that he should shoot them off the road.

Angela Christiano along with her 25-year old son were traveling in their yellow Chevrolet Corvette C6 on a highway. There’s no information yet on how fast or slow they were traveling but they were in the center lane of the highway and that meant any driver who wanted to overtake them could do so without any inconvenience. While she was driving, Angela noticed a black Ford Mustang that started following their car very closely, she signaled to the driver to pass her but instead of overtaking her, the Mustang driver started to drive right alongside the Corvette and then fired a gun multiple times into the car hitting Angela in the upper back.

She was able to bring the car to a stop on the right hand shoulder of the road where afterwards she was taken to hospital and is currently in serious condition. No one driving at the road at that time was able to identify the black mustangs number plate. Shooting someone for driving too slowly has to be a new record of low, we hope that he is caught by the authorities soon and dealt with accordingly for the idiotic crime he has committed. Or maybe the Mustang owner thought he was playing GTA, or just an extreme case of road rage!

Story: JP

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  1. Ahmed says

    We need that in Pakistan for those F****** Prius drivers who are trying to save a few thousand rupees from their 2.3 million car. LOL

  2. Ali Ahmed says

    Not only Prius drivers. Kill ’em all!! 😀

  3. usman niazi says

    lolz… the problem are the slow drivers in the fast lane in pakistan which forces you to overtake from the slow lane against the law… but that is also difficult due to motorcycles and rickshaws coming into the mid or fast lanes or the cars parked along the road etc… i have no problems with slow drivers as long as they leave ample space to overtake them, be it from the wrong side. I hate motorcyclists more, they make everything difficult and never travel in a straight line and don’t have good brakes too and will ALWAYS crash into you in most situations so staying away is the easiest solution. I ABHOR THEM, despise them, want to kill them… they are the real menace in society and shows how pathetically corrupt our common man is… car drivers are relatively decent as they care about damage… no one lets you overtake… no one lets you reverse… no one lets you change your lane… no one lets you drive fast… no one lets you drive slow either… and this corrupt munafiq nation thinks that our leaders are the only corrupt thing, forgetting that we are the ones who put them there and they are from us and just the most powerful of us… any man in power would be as corrupt from this nation…

  4. Aamir Bashir says

    Shooting at someone is not a wise solution, It is important that our NHA dept. fix the GT roads and add 1 lane for heavy transport vehicles … In Pakistan everyone have a Gun .. some even carry loaded AK 47s so never do such mistake to take someone’s life … Patience is a fine medicine if someone drive slow let him drive that way as he also pay road tax not only fast driver pay taxes lolzzz anyway keep calm and respect humankind

  5. aliqadri says

    Imagine in paksitan; driving on 1st lane at 40km/hr and talking on cellphone …

  6. Junaid says

    It could be their personal matter which lead this incident. Some bf/gf fight… lol

  7. Muazzam Ali Kazmi says

    Use “the” USA or the US–instead of “in USA”–so you may not look like a spammer.

  8. Guest says

    “f someone drive slow let him drive that way as he also pay road tax not only fast driver pay taxes lolzzz anyway keep calm and respect humankind”

    Very non serious attitude viz. lolzzz. Are you not sure of the point you make?
    If someone drives slow why let him/her drive slow? Surely if somebody told you if somebody drives fast let them do it, then you would not agree. Patience is a fine medicine but others also have a right to move at their own speed and reach their destination. Anybody usurping the rights of others are inviting for outright war. While slow driver pays tax, fast driver also pay tax, where are fast drivers’ rights?

    People who wish to keep calm should keep calm in their bed, not in shared public spaces. People who drive slow do not respect humankind, they make ambulances, fire engines and everybody else on the road slow down and be late.

    For you info driving too slow is a punishable crime in many countries in the world. Even in Pakistan as per third schedule (which prescribes the testing of drivers who apply for driving license), overtaking too slowly is mentioned as grounds for failure of driving license test.

  9. Aamir Bashir says

    Well I don’t mean to drive that slow to make unrest the flow of traffic but tbh whenever i go on the GT road often fast drivers end-up in the ditch and i feel pity for them and there corolla XLi and for their passengers with broken nose, eye-brows, broken arms + legs, or falling off complete from their vehicles and sleep in their coffins so tell me Mr. Guest Is it good to keep calm on roads or everyone in the car reach 7feet below the ground due to speeding in their busted corolla …

  10. Guest says

    You checked out the point and thank you to further the discussion.

    Calmness could be had even at highway speeds while “uncalm” rashness could be had by a rickshaw in a narrow lane whose engine cannot take it faster than 45 kph.

    Calmness is inherent and by choice while patience is a reaction to some adverse situation forced on the individual. Please do not advocate forcing people into patience otherwise the lava will erupt.

    Fast is not rash and rash is not fast. To reiterate, people can crash at 40 kph and die while in F1 they drive at 400 kph but still live on.

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