Swat – A valley of Non-Custom Paid (NCP) cars

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Pakistan is full of many unseen stories through those we can figure out where we stand today. Swat is a beautiful valley in Pakistan. Since it is a provincial tribal area, it is considered as a tax-free zone. In Swat, if you go and roam around, you can see many non-custom paid (NCP) cars running around the city. These NCP cars verified as real or fake. But where do these NCP cars come from in Swat? The monthly increase in the number of NCP cars in Swat poses many questions marks on local administration and government.

Actually, these NCP cars are smuggled to Pakistan all the way from Afghanistan. The smugglers usually split cars into three or four parts, and some smuggle spare parts separately. The vehicles are brought in the name of ‘spare parts needed in Pakistan’, but once they enter the country, local assemblers, with the help of unprofessional and uncertified auto mechanics, start assembling the split pieces into full cars in small-scale factories in the city, and make them ready for the purpose of selling.

These re-assembled cars in Swat and other different tribal areas are available for a substantially lower price. Despite the lower margins, the sale of NCP cars is increasing and the people associated with this black business are making nig money out of it.

Recently, police and local administration started operation against this illegal car business and and imposed a ban on assembling these vehicles due to which many factories have been sold or shut down, but will this operation help in stopping and capturing the people involved in car smuggling?

The problem will remain there until the government makes its auto policy better suited for the consumer rather than the auto makers, as with the current policy there are no options available for the consumers and they are forced to explore other viable alternatives for their vehicle needs, and with a solid demand for these vehicles, the smugglers will continue to smuggle these cars into Pakistan, depriving the government of considerable tax revenue.

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  1. Johnny D Good says

    Pakistan should minimize the duty to as much as possible :/ ! This is why Pakistan in not making progress because we’ve made import so expensive that no one wants to invest or import anything ! Stupid policy of our country !!

  2. Sandtiger says

    Automobile industry in Pakistan only operates in hands of mafia, you cannot expect others to pay same taxes
    once they are denied with essential necessities of life. Democracy and dictatorship with obvious difference tells us the same that law which maybe applicable in one region may not be a good idea in another. Therefore, people will resort to easiest among choices may it be against law. Democracy provides provision to have different sets of rules for different region which may go well with her internal dynamics and still maybe a part of main stream politics. You can take example of United States, where every state has different set of rules. If we want these areas like Baluchistan, tribal belts, Gilgit-Baltistan to flourish, then we need accommodate these people by accepting their internal dynamics, only then we will be able to progress as nation and we be able to bring harmony in Pakistan.

  3. Faisal says

    These ncp cars are a great trouble for the locals as the number of cars have grown greater but the roads are still the same. You go anywhere and u are stucked in traffic jams. As a resident of the valley i am hoping the govt will take some initiative to bann these vehicals.

  4. Nabtron says

    so as population is great and rush is more, we should make “shoes” expensive? so that people remain at homes?

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