Take a comprehensive tour of Ferrari town

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Dashboard cam videos are usually of people getting killed or almost getting killed. You may wonder than why they mount a camera on the dashboard; it’s simple, you need evidence to go swiftly through court’s proceeding and what better evidence can you have than a video showing exactly how the event unfolded.

Than there videos of people racing each other which often takes us to our observation number one. However, this kind Italian guy thought another more welcoming use of dashboard camera by allowing us to ride along in his Ferrari 360 for a comprehensive tour of Ferrari town; Maranello, Italy.

Beginning from Hotel Maranello Village, which hosts many Prancing Horse employess and after a short drive of freeway, we enter Maranello and visit the Maranello Palace Hotel, the Planet Hotel, the Ferrari Store, as well as the ristorante Cavallino.

Next up, it’s the Ferrari factory’s main gate and then the back gate, where the cars exit once they’ve been produced. Subsequently, we visit the Museo Ferrari parking and finally the Gilles Vineuve monument and the gates of the Pista di Fiorano test track.

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