This Pakistani Guy Just Made A R/C Excavator From Nothing But A Box Of Scraps

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Stumbled upon a news report by a Pashto TV Channel of Sajjad Khan from Mingora Swat, who has managed to create a remote control excavator much like how Tony Stark created the first Iron Man suit in Iron Man 1 inside a cave, using nothing but a box of scraps and some tools. But looking at the video, it will seem that Tony had a far bigger box of scraps to fiddle with than this kid.

Sajjad, at just 23 years of age, just used simple on/off switches to control the bot. This otherwise would have been made using sophisticated and programmable pic microcontrollers. The lust of getting this done has compelled him to make it either way, without the access to proper equipment. His inquisitive mind if coupled with the right education, could lead him to do stuff you can’t even think about. I have worked with R/C cars all through my four years in electrical engineering. Their behavior is unpredictable. Considering that he has made a stable bot using just junk is a marvelous feat to achieve.

It also highlights the fact that education should be made easily available in all the remote areas as well. Currently, equipped with a Mechanical Diploma, but if given some proper education, training, exposure, and mentoring, this guy and many like him could achieve wonders.

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  1. Sanjay Natarajan says

    Hats off to the boy who made that little wonder out of just a box of scraps…
    And by the way PakWheels guys, doesn’t the boy have any name? Why refer him with just the term “boy”?
    IMHO, The BOY deserves his name to be published to get the fame for his hard work guys, work on getting the name and update in this article!

  2. Baber says

    Yes, but unfortunately, we knew no one who spoke Pashto so couldn’t get his name out of the video. As soon as we do, we most definitely will update it. Cheers!

  3. Guest says

    Pakistan’s got talent.
    PW writers could do with improving their talent.

    1. You are writing a fine and positive article about natural creativity. Suddenly you need to use negative word like “lust”. Why? Do you know its meaning, the undertone and the appropriate places to use it and the sense of selfishness, consumption and societal destruction it conveys? Go to Oxford University Press and buy a thesaurus immediately.

    2. A diploma in engineering? The writer knows little about what he is writing, diploma is called technical diploma, while engineering course is called degree course. Please learn the vocabulary before writing articles (actually, this is the job of editor).


    Creativity works best without the confines of conventional education. The world’s most disruptive people were school dropouts. While education for all is a good thought, it should also be noted that suffocating level of guideline only hampers creativity.


    Improvisation is a traditional Pakistani cultural value and has sustained Pakistan through many a difficult economic situations and trade embargoes. A good initiative by Pakwheels to cover the improvisation skills of talented youth of Pakistan, please provide more articles like this instead of becoming a tabloid by writing about cars of film actors.


    While we are thinking about providing technical education to creative minds, the advanced countries are thinking how to provide business acumen to people with creativity so that their awesome ideas are converted into profitable commercial ventures and on the other hands these will be some real products or services that real human beings will consume. This trend is called entrepreneurship incubation.
    (Note: there are some startup incubators in Pakistan also).

  4. Pashto voiceover says

    Pashto commentary in video:

    Sajjad Khan, 23 YO, from Mingora Swat, student of mechanical diploma.
    Excavator made using syringe, cassette recorder motors, materials from rubber tires and disposable PET bottles.
    Project took 6 months.

    Pashto translation credit: Name of translator kept confidential.

  5. Umar says

    1. The use of word lust is okayish in the post.

    2. The guy did a technical diploma in mechanical engineering. Technical diplomas for electrical and electronics engineering also exist. You need to ramp up your knowledge on this one. And then there are other non technical diplomas as well.

    3.You’re maybe right about it. But Those people were college dropouts, not school dropouts and they had a product with them when they dropped out. How can you expect this guy to make a breakthrough in technology when he doesn’t even know what technology is being used these days when he has no access to it.

    4. You’re right, entrepreneurship culture is developing in Pakistan which is a good thing. But before we talk about entrepreneurship, we need to educate our youth to innovate. This is a big achievement for the boy to make this robot but considering the sophisticated technology that is in place today, we need to educate our youth to equip them with the right tools to innovate. Entrepreneurship comes later on.

  6. Baber says

    Thanks! Updated.

  7. Khurram says

    MashaaAllah. Very genius.

  8. Sanjay Natarajan says

    You guys updated the name, nice work guys!

  9. Friend says

    Man if you don’t know anything about English why do you lecture others? Go learn English first then you will realise.

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