Top 5 WD-40 hacks you should know

All of you must have heard the day to day usable product known as WD-40. All men know it by birth that if it moves when it shouldn’t, apply duct tape. And if it doesn’t move when it should, you use WD-40.

So, what is this WD-40?WD-40 cansWD-40 is a non-volatile viscous liquid/oil which is used to provide lubrication to any surface that it is applied on and protects it from moisture. The oil is mixed with volatile hydrocarbons to help it achieve that low viscosity which can be compressed into an aerosol can. The hydrocarbons evaporate after some time of application, leaving behind the oil. The carbon dioxide inside creates pressure in the can which propels the liquid out of the nozzle before evaporating.WD-40 canEnough about what it is. WD-40 is used for a lot of stuff other than removing rust. So here are top 5 crazy uses for the mighty WD-40.

Clean Door Locks:

You can lubricate, clean and protect your car’s door lock key ring. Many of us have faced jammed door locks, it’s not the door locks that get jammed, but the key ring where you insert the key and it doesn’t rotate left or right to unlock or lock your car.

WD-40 key ring

Ignition Switch:

Same is the case with ignition switches. Sometimes junk and little parts of debris get stuck, or the ignition switch gets jammed after so much use. So, people say that you shouldn’t use that on the ignition switches as it may clog up or seep under the ignition switch to some wire, but WD-40 evaporates quicker than normal liquid, so it’s safe to use it to protect and clean your ignition switches to keep them in top-notch condition.

WD-40 ignition switch

Sensors Grips/Connections:

Many people get their engine bay washed and don’t keep into considerations that jet washers are not recommended for the engine bay. Because of the pressure of the water, it seeps into the sensor grips and connections and may light up your dashboard with various warning symbols. So, if your electronics start acting up, you can spray some WD-40 which will dissipate the water and leave some clean sensor connectors.

WD-40 sensors


Let’s say; you had the car parked for a while or for some other reason the tires don’t come off and are stuck. Spray some WD-40 inside the lug hole, leave it like that for few minutes, now give the tire a little tug and the tire will pop out easily. Same goes for the lug nuts, they were tightened too much last time and now are stuck, just spray some WD-40 as deep in the lug hole as possible and leave it there for it work its magic.

WD-40 tires/lugs

Shine Paint:

This one may seem quite far off, but it works for a short amount of time. You can spray some WD-40, wipe it off after a little rubbing and your old bumper will become shiny again. It won’t look like new of course, but it will give it a little shine. No person would ever try this on their Civic or Corolla, but let’s say you have a beater car for the day to day chores and needs some paintwork, you can get away from that for a few months by applying WD-40 till you finally decide to repaint after all.

WD-40 shine bumpers

Have you tried WD-40 for something that sounds crazy, but worked, then do let us know in the comments below.

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Photos: Scotty Kilmer

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