Top Ten Most Valuable Car Brands In The World

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Each year a list of the 100 most valuable companies in the world is released, and each year companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon dominate this list with tallying up their worth in hundreds of billions of dollars. But in this list where do, the car makers stand? To address this question, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten most valuable car brands in the world.

10. Tesla (US$ 4.4 Billion)

At number ten we have the most surprising entry of them all, Tesla a company that is barely a decade old has already made it to one of the top ten car brands in the world being valued at an estimated US$ 4.4 Billion. The fact that Tesla has only two models on sale, the Model S and the Model X, is quite a feat in itself. And with the Model 3 set to join their ranks very soon, Tesla could have a shot at the top spot in just a couple of years.


9. Porsche (US$ 4.44 Billion)

Last year Porsche wasn’t in the list of top ten most valuable car brands in the world, but after having one of the most successful years the company has ever seen with the introduction of new models like the Porsche Macan, Porsche is now valued at an estimated US$ 4.44 billion. And with Porsche introducing a series of new models in 2017 including the new Mission E and potentially a brand new mid-engined supercar that number is only going to creep upwards.



8. Land Rover (US$ 4.7 Billion)

Land Rover had a bit of a rough year compared to 2015 as it dropped five spots in the Top 100 most valuable brands lists in 2016 list. The company’ sales haven’t been as good as they were in 2015. But despite all that, Land Rover still managed to garner the 8th place in this list being valued at US$ 4.7 Billion and with the introduction of newer Range Rover Velar, things are looking bright for Land Rover in 2017.


7. Audi (US$ 9.5 Billion)

Audi had a very rough year with it being caught in the middle of the Diesel gate crisis. It dropped seven spots in Top 100 most valuable brands list in 2016 and company’ sales have been slowly declining. The company is currently valued at US$ 9.5 Billion.


6. Nissan (US$ 11.5 Billion)

Nissan has seen a steady increase in profits and brand value over the past couple of years, the company is currently being valued at an estimated US$ 11.5 Billion.


5. Ford (US$ 13 Billion)

Ford is only car manufacturer that has been able to keep its brands value consistently in the annals of history. Over the years Ford has consistently upped its game when it comes to the quality and driving characteristics of its vehicles. Ford vehicles are seen as some of the best value for money; auto consumers can buy, which placed it as the 75th most valuable brand in the world at an estimated value of US$ 13 Billion.


4. Honda (US$ 13.2 Billion)

Honda ranked only one position above ford in the Top 100 most valuable brands lists in 2016 list at 74th place and could be overtaken by Ford as early as next year. Honda has been seeing a slow but steady increase in profits and value over the years and is currently valued at US$ 13.2 Billion.


3. Mercedes-Benz (US$ 22.7 Billion)

Mercedes-Benz has been on a bit of a roll for the past few years; the company has almost completely revamped its product line-up to produce luxurious and performance vehicles in their class. Mercedes gained four positions in the Top 100 brands list, being ranked at 39th with an estimated value of US$ 22.7 Billion.


2. BMW (US$ 26.8 Billion)

BMW once again remains the strongest manufacturer among the well renowned German brands including the likes of its main rivals Audi and Mercedes-Benz. It finished at 33rd place in the Top 100 most valuable brands lists in 2016 list and is valued at US$ 26.8 Billion.


1. Toyota (US$ 29.5 Billion)

Once again Toyota as always remains the most valuable car brand in the world, a record it has held for over a decade, the company’ brand value increased 2% compared to last year and has no signs of ever slowing down in the long run. The Japanese manufacturer is valued at US$ 29.5 Billion.




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