Toyota Corolla Facelift Spotted Out In The Open – Spy Shots

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The facelift of the 11th generation Corolla was finalized even before the launch of the car. The facelift, or the MMC (Minor Model Change) as the automakers would like to call it, was first revealed at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show through an animated video, highlighting the safety features the upcoming Corolla would come equipped with.

Today, some spy shots surfaced on the internet, presumably of the facelift of 11th generation Toyota Corolla. The photos feature a different bumper and resigned front, which is very similar to Toyota Auris and Toyota Avensis, in line with the design philosophy of other latest models of Toyota vehicles.

The presumed MMC has less usage of chrome in the front, an aggressive looking grille, and bumpers with daytime running lamps (DRLs) in place of fog-lamps of the current car. In the rear, the car features a beautiful set of clear tail lamps and a more dense rear bumper. There are no shots of the interior, but there won’t be much of a difference between the interior, apart from better materials. The car is expected to have the latest safety features which Toyota touted in the demo video at the Geneva, which included the much needed auto-dimming headlamps (God please grant that gadget to all Corolla drivers in Pakistan. Amen!)

2015 Toyota Corolla Facelift  2  2015 Toyota Corolla Facelift

Photo credits: IAB

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  1. Ali Rauf says

    Sorry brother but how come it is Fact Lift model. PakWheels uploaded the pictures of Face Lift model. This is just the standard launched Corolla with a different bumper and changed back lights. May be pictures from Dubai or somewhere as it has an X written at the back.

  2. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    bro face lift “IS” a “minor model change.” like when toyota changed the lights of corolla when altis 1.8 was introduced in 2005 or when honda changed 7th gen lights to “eagle eyes”.

  3. Ali Rauf says

    Bro it is when it is “CHANGED” where as in this case it is not even changed. Any person putting on after market lights in City or Corolla for that instance imported from Malaysia does not make it a FACELIFT model 🙂

    You can check yourself that this bumper is available in Malaysia 🙂

  4. rk says

    Dont say things your not sure of. This is probably not the facelift and your not sure about it either.

  5. Kamran Ejaz says

    I have seen this facelift near dolmen city Clifton

  6. Kashif says

    The face lift is different
    From front the grill and lights border is not curve like in 2015-2016mid. It is sharply cut and has angle in the centre.
    From back the lights have more length towards the sides than thw previous ones. Back lights are led strips(4-5 tiny bulbs) for red lights.
    May be there is some other differences, but unless it comes to roads no one can list all differences.

  7. Nayab says

    Its a left hand drive… seems to be customized than MMC..

  8. Nayab says

    Sort of agree with you… it is left hand model anyway…
    Apparently Fahad has a reputation of “writing more than people want to read” and may be “more than factual” as well.

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