India To Get Toyota Vios Before Pakistan

Toyota Vios, one of the much awaited cars in Pakistan, has been recently spotted testing in India. We have already provided enough details about the Vios in previous articles, so you guys already know what the Vios looks like and what it’ll be running on. If not, click here.

Toyota Vios

Toyota Vios spotted in India – Photo: IAB

Toyota Vios

Toyota Vios spotted in India – Photo: IAB

Toyota Vios

Toyota Vios spotted in India – Photo: IAB

The photos attached above show a white Toyota Vios disguised in masking tapes, being tested in the city of Bengaluru, India. The photo was shared by a Twitter user ‘rangasub.’

These photos are enough evidence of the fact that the Vios will be launched soon in India, in fact, 2016 is said to be a busy year for the Toyota Motors in India as they have planned many replacements to be made. The Vios then is surely going to be launched in 2016.

Previously, Fahad Ullah, an author at the PakWheels Blog, broke the news of Toyota Vios spotted in Pakistan and gave a detailed description on the car and the plan of Toyota to launch it in 2018 along with the Toyota Yaris. It doesn’t make much sense that a car that’s being tested in Pakistan in 2015 won’t be available for sale here before 2018 until some factors such as the setting up of plants, getting the budgets approved and getting vendors on board to invest in new technology for the manufacture of new cars are accounted for, a delay of 3 years makes sense. Other countries are already manufacturing good cars, thus their time of introducing new cars is minimal but not Pakistan. Therefore, the Vios and Yaris would not be launched in Pakistan before 2018.

Toyota Vios in Pakistan 3

Toyota Vios spotted in Pakistan – Photo: PakWheels Member @zuhaibafzal

DISCUSSION: Toyota VIOS 1.3 launching in Pakistan

The good news about the Vios is that Toyota has decided to base the Vios on same platform globally, in today’s world, manufacturers are using zero-base strategy, which means a particular country becomes the hub of the manufacture of a vehicle and it is sold as it is throughout the world thus, hopefully, the chances of us getting the Vios same as the international variants are maximum, if Indus Toyota doesn’t decide otherwise.

In my opinion, if we get the same car, the Vios is surely going to be a hit. Being a direct rival to the Honda City, the Vios will give a tough time to Honda. This means, Honda will have to work harder to keep their sales steady. By working hard, I mean they’ll have to improve their quality standards, after sale services and introduce latest technology instead of body kits on the old models.We no longer want the gas guzzling Prosmatecs. We need fuel efficient CVTs.

Source: IAB

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