Honda Atlas To Introduce Modulo Body Kit For The Ongoing Honda City

The Atlas Honda Cars Pakistan recently posted photos on their official Facebook page that they will be offering body kits for the current Honda City. Our sources at the Honda confirmed the news with a few additions as well.

Honda City Modulo Pakistan

The body kit offered is a set of 5 pieces which include 2 bumper lips, 2 side skirts and a boot spoiler. Completes the idea of a body kit but they wont offer any alloy wheels or anything else in the package. The offer can be availed by existing City owners and is an optional for the new buyers.

This exclusive and unique offer (according to Honda) can be availed by paying a sum of Rs. 50,000. YES. 50,000 for just 5 pieces of plastic which will be glued to your car. I mean, seriously guys? You’ll be asking 50,000 for a body kit only? Even the grill is not of Modulo in the photo posted above. This amount is huge and only if some better alloy wheels were included, the price could’ve been justified to some extent.

This, according to me, is another strategy of Atlas Honda to delay the launch of the latest Honda City in Pakistan. They lowered the prices on the old stock first, face lifted the current car and now they’ve introduced this body kit which can be installed in a fraction of the asked amount from a good body shop.

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Fahad Mehmood

Fahad Mehmood is an ardent car enthusiast and a photographer by profession. He's been an active PakWheels member since the beginning. When he's not writing about cars, he's shooting people and things with his camera. He hopes to go viral one day.

  • Haris Ahmed Dahar

    It looks like Honda is trapped after its facelift instead of launching new model.

  • rizwan

    installation charges included or not?

  • Adnan Khan

    Fail, Epic Fail

  • Farhan

    Guys !!!! It seems like it is all planned by the Japanese…. So that all the Japanese brand can enjoy the money by making Pakistani buyers fool and it is especially planned for Pakistan because of the limited market. In other areas the Auto Market is quite large and there are many manufacturers.
    For the first 2 years Toyota enjoys their piece of cake and then Honda does the same for the next 2-3 years. Suzuki has been given a different segment to enjoy their share in the lower category. Japan enjoys a major chunk of profit from all these companies and the rest they enjoy by sending used junk cars to Pakistan. Japan gets cleaner by sending trash to Pakistan and Richer by selling trash to Pakistan. Isn’t it obvious ???
    As per my information Suzuki is also planning to introduce new cars in next 2 years by eliminating Cultus and Mehran…. but they will continue with Bolan and Ravi and their plan for expected new models is to continue those new models for atleast 9 years so that they can lower their amortization cost. So be ready for the streched tenure of the new models so Pakistan will be further thrown back from modernization.

  • Fahad

    Suzuki launch in a year as late as August 2017..and Japan is interested to provide us quality build products but our local investor of these big 3 doesn’t agree to invest and they sell years of years same car

  • Fahad

    Agar include b ho tab b pagal hi ga koi jo lagwai….local dealer 12k ma same asa sale kar raha 1500 fitting charges leta ha….mana 2012 ma apni car ko asa lagwai jab modula india launch hoi thi

  • Fahad

    I.A if they don’t launch new model….there sells decreases

  • Aamir Bashir

    Well try to get an imported car if u can as i would like to let u know that their body kits would be faulty too like their airbags ….

  • vasim

    Guys, Why our TV media is mum on these issues I have never seen any Channel is discussing on these issues.

  • Jigri Karachi

    So Honda Armrest + Central Console = 12000 PKR, Honda Navigation Unit = 65000 PKR, Honda Module Kit = 50000 PKR.. If someone wants to facelift his old model to new one, that will cost him 127000 PKR + (Other charges of Installation + HIds + Alloys) Good going Honda 🙂

  • Shahid Mehmood

    i guess Honda Atlas will launch the New Honda City when the next version of City will be launched globally

  • Jeddy Khan

    First of all our TV don’t know anything about cars and secondly the TV channel owners don’t want to lose advertising money by criticising the company

  • Eltaf Janjua


  • Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Khan

    Honda Cars make a little change in model and receive a huge quantity of SUM from customers.
    in this way, they want to take all the golden eggs from HEN(customers) in a single try.

  • Muhammad Yaseen Sharif

    Do Honda Company offer alloy wheels as an option for its 1.3 City version.

  • Adi