Suzuki Swift: Pakistan vs India

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After yesterdays sobbing about the Honda City I came across another news on the automotive forums today and felt like crying my heart out to you people again.

In the recent years, the Hybrid technology has developed itself into one of the most useful options in the automobile industry throughout the world. Today, the world’s most fierce and advance super cars use the hybrid systems to make their cars go fast and green at the same time. From the astonishingly fast Koenigsegg Regera to the environment friendly Toyota Prius, hybrid systems are used everywhere now.

Coming to the point, it’s been reported that our neighbors, who are already better at cricket than us, are working on the next generation of their current Suzuki Swift and the launch is expected to be somewhere in 2016. The design is said to be more radical and yes, their engineers are working on the development of a low-cost hybrid technology to further improve the fuel efficiency. We don’t know what that would be, but, it is speculated that the engine might be from the recently showcased Suzuki iK-2 concept at the Geneva which is a 1.0l turbocharged petrol engine with hybrid assistance system.

Ever wondered, why the Indian automaker companies are always struggling to bring the latest cars and technologies? Why Maruti is already working on making the Swift even better than before even though they face lifted the Swift just last year? They’re not spending money from their own pockets to value their customers, they’re not facing any losses in developing and bringing new cars to the market, all they’re doing is hitting the right customer at the right time just to make more profit themselves. No one works for charity, that’s obvious. They’re making more money. That’s it. Unlike Pakistan’s Automobile Industry and especially the Pak Suzuki, whose case is identical to a person who broke up and failed to move on. Grew long hair, became an addict, remained stuck to an idle lifestyle, never went out, never had fun with friends, and eventually, committed suicide.

Pak Suzuki offers the Swift with an old M13a engine, which is a DOHC 16 valve VVT, produces 92 horsepower, 86lb/ft of torque and returns a mileage of 12-13 km/l. Now before you all start bashing me (as usual) that your Swift returns 15 or even 16km/l on highways, please be aware of the fact the the Maruti Swift returns more than 20km/l on the highways in the Petrol and more than 25km/l in the Diesel variant, thanks to the new and latest K series engines which were introduced back in 2010. Further improvements are being made and with the Hybrid technology in the pipeline, these figures will increase considerably. We, on the other hand are still more than a decade behind our neighbors. They’ll get hybrid Swift in a few months and we? Well, we can hope to at least get the K-series engines in Swift.

That was just the engine, what about the rest of the car? We get plastic that seems to be just sprinkled over the car and could fall off any moment, a noisy gearbox and seats that take at least a year to get comfortable. All of this is given in a sum of 1.3 million hard earned cash of a person who wants a car for his family but instead, he regrets the rest of his life.

Do you think the cars offered by Pak Suzuki and their prices are justified? Let us know in the comments.

Note: I solemnly swear that I haven’t stolen anyone’s idea.

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  1. Haris Ahmed Dahar says

    No, just no. PakSuzuki is the only car company where they illegally assembled outdated cars with high prices.

  2. reality says

    the simple reasons for better cars in india is due to competition among 20 automotive companies. Not bila muqabla everytime like in Pak in every field.. politics-poultry-automotive.

  3. Hammad Wahidi says

    Shouldn’t we boycott our local made cars and buy the imported ones instead? They won’t get their heads in the right place till they don’t go in to loss

  4. Syed Haider Ali says

    Totally agree with you.Pak Suzuki just only produces donkeys like Suzuki Mehran and others.There prices are not jistified and they look like they are sleeping from a century and producing trash.People should boycot local cars to make them work hard and change the technology to compete with the international market.

  5. Asad Khaliq says

    VVT and in Swift? highly doubt that. only the Japanese versions with 1.6 ltr engines have it.

  6. Haris Ahmed Dahar says

    We should do it at all cost before its too late.

  7. saad says

    1000 cc has vvt-i but suzuki with toyota heart nope

  8. hamza says

    Mafia everywhere ,not even a basic necessity of airbags corruption,corruption every where

  9. Ayaz Ahmad says

    This made me cry. They are a disgrace to us and more probably because of what our consumers ask from them. Suzuki Mehran is still there and will b there till ten more decades, i hope not though. Anyway, Pakistan government really seriously need to do something about it. Most of the cars in Pakistan dont have the minimum of protective things like ABS, airbags,

  10. kashif says

    All pak automobiles maker make we fool…
    I love pakistan but loves imported japense cars for safety,good milage new look with new specs

  11. Fahad Mehmood says
  12. Aamir Bashir says

    They all play us fool … Pak-Suzuki is a piece of crap while on the other hand our neighboring countries are doing great, We get faulty cars, unbalanced doors, stiff gearbox, shaky seats, cheap plastic interior, manual windows, rubbish stereo systems, rough paintwork, No Airbags, Old engines, wobbly wheels, faulty cheap doors locks etc etc … Pakistani Auto-Industries are such a disgrace while our other sides our friends are buying S-Line in Audi’s, AMGs in Mercedes, M-series in BMW, Mugen in Honda’s, even in Suzuki ALTO they get a GL which is much more loaded then a our Honda Civic oriel which cost us 24 lacs. We all need must to avoid buying domestic care until they make themselves equal to the 21st century … Avoid buying these cheap quality cars and make them learn lesson this way ….

  13. Shubham Raj says


  14. Fazal Wahab says

    ICC world cup. Pak Vs India… Pakistan always loses; )

  15. Taimur says

    What should i do then? if i have 8 lacs , i can’t buy fresh import car for 8 lacs , YES , I WILL BUY SUZUKI MEHRAN EFI … ZERO METER FOR 7 lacs.. to Keep me away from mechanics… Because for 8 lacs i can get a USED car….

  16. Aamir Bashir says

    I agree with you Taimur … Our Govt. Policies are not favorable for their citizens, I still wonder why other car manufacturing industries like Vauxhall, Renault, Ford, Hyundai, Fiat etc don’t have any plant in Pakistan it may have create big competition and each one would struggle to satisfy customer needs … First thing Pakistani Govt. should reduce taxes on such companies ….

  17. mahendraps says

    The old 1.3L petrol engine is quite efficient and peppy. In India, suzuki had to come up with 1.2 L K series due to tax considerations. The buyers of 1.2L version of petrol engine still crib about the smooth and powerful 1.3L older engine.

  18. Fahad Siddiqui says

    Do some research, get educated with respect to cars, and buy a certified used car after getting it thoroughly inspected.
    I drive a 1997 Khyber, which is still a dozen times better than a zero-meter Mehran. and I speak from experience.

  19. kanisk singh says

    Well, you are wrong. Almost the whole suzuki lineup in India has the VVT. And it has been so since 2008

  20. Cyrus Khan says

    compare mercedes/brabust g55 car with suzuki bolan ravi.

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