Honda City: Pakistan vs The Rest Of The World

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At PakWheels, it is our job to look up what’s latest on cars all over the world, all the time. Sounds very interesting and exciting to the petrol heads but to be honest, this proves to be very depressing for us sometimes. Particularly, this write up is very saddening for me. I own a Honda City and the news I read every day, it pinches my heart. I’ll begin with a short introduction of the Honda City.

Honda City is by far one of the biggest success icons of Honda, especially in the Asian market. From the beginning, the City has reigned the sub-compact class of high quality and affordable vehicles. From the looks to the mileage to affordability, this sporty looking car is packed with all.
The Honda of India has a much expanded range of the City only. Offered in almost 7 variants, the City in India comes with; petrol and diesel, 5-speed and 6-speed manual or a CVT automatic, they have it all. Moreover, the main concern of automakers in the Indian market is to squeeze the maximum mileage out of their product. All this, just because of the fact that their customers are valued to the most and they offer them with the best and up to date technology at the most affordable rates.

Coming to the Honda City lineup in Pakistan, you get a 1.3l or a 1.5, both with an optional 5-speed automatic or manual. The automatic, labeled as the Prosmatec, is nothing more than a regular automatic transmission which is refined a bit for smoother gear shifts but it remains a culprit of high fuel consumption. Dear Atlas, ever heard of a CVT? Your friends in other countries are offering  CVT in almost all of their cars and the Honda City from Japan, named as the Grace is equipped with i-DCD (intelligent Dual-Clutch Drive) transmission, but hey! Who cares? They sell cars in great numbers here with bad fuel consumption and fooling people with catchy names and labels on them. Please keep in mind that the car under discussion here is the Honda City which is the most fuel efficient car locally produced. All the other ones are under it in these figures.

The above write up happened because of the news I came across on international Honda forums. The Honda City, due to its immense popularity, is being launched in USA. The photos posted on the American Temple of Vtec forums, shows a Honda City under the testing phase in California. Not just this, news revealed the testing of the Hybrid version of City in Malaysia which shares the looks with Honda Grace of Japan.

So, while the whole world is enjoying the vast lineup of the 6th generation of the sporty looking sub-compact car, we’re still stuck on the 5th generation, which recently went through a minor facelift of new lamps, bumpers and speedo. We still get the poor quality plastic, immensely stiff ride, surprisingly, no cabin filter for aircon and yes, no sunroof, pathetic SAT/NAV and audio system and a noisy cabin. The remaining of car starts from 1.5 million and goes up to 1.9 million, including the sales tax.

Honda Atlas is reported to launch the 6th Generation City here in Pakistan not before 2017. We’re not sure of that yet and we’re not even sure if they’ll offer anything better in the City or it would run on the same L-series engine and Prosmatec would be replaced with CVT or not.

Aakhir kab tak?

This is the American version which is expected to be launched:

Honda City USA

This is the Honda City Hybrid under testing phase in Malaysia:

Honda City Hybrid

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  1. Kay says

    The government gets a lot of money to let the local auto mafia do as they please. There is no accountability and no support for the consumers. We pay because we have no choice. It is injustice.

  2. Mughees says

    Honda Pakistan doesn’t even know the difference between type 1 and type 2 coolant and an oil based air filter. They gave me type 2 coolant at the time of purchase and now they don’t have it. Only type 1. Note the original coolant has life of 10 years but if it gets low u need to top up with the same coolant which I cannot get. Plus they don’t have them available also while when they sell a new car they are actually installed. Pathetic.

  3. Fawad Hassan says

    A minor correction. The most fuel efficient local car is Wagon R, not City.
    City comes 2nd or 3rd when compared to Cultus.

  4. Fawad Hassan says

    Lols.. u r talking about coolant, Suzuki is selling old spec SM based engine oil and fooling customers by saying u have to use it otherwise ur engine warranty would be void.
    Actually they lie about that just to sell their crap stuff.

  5. Waleed Ahmed says

    I had Submitted an Article about HONDA City HYBRID almost 3 Weeks Ago, also e-mailed it to Mr.Baber Saahib, But it never Got Published, is that how this Blog Works??
    I assume that Admin has got Turns, Ok! One Article by Baber, one by Fahad, one by other Fahad, One by Someone Close & then by Someone others to not Get Suspicious! & Perhaps Fahad Shoots Other people’s articles as well

    As a Senior Pakwheeler, Im very Veryyy Dissapointed, I never thought this would be like that Unfair!!! 🙁
    Much Much Disappointed!!!!

    You guys Just have got Turns for yourself & Rarely you give Chance to others!!! Just Like PAA’s Big 3

  6. Waleed Ahmed says

    It has got much of the Material that I had discussed in that article’s of mine!!! That’s Very Un-Fair not to give Chance to others!!! What you admin people are up to? Taking the articles of Not much Known PWers & publish it by your name??????

    I give a Damn about a 100Rs, or 200Rs. all I wanted to got my Article Published about HONDA City HYBRID that I had submitted Long time ago!!! It was very much upto the Marks & standards!!

    & I Really hope So That ADMIN will also delete my Comments, where is Justice in this Country???? To Put a DUCT TAPE on the Mouth of someone calling for his Rights???? 🙁

  7. Waleed Ahmed says

    This Guy Fahad Mehmood Saahib took my Idea & I had E-mailed it to Mr.Baber & I have that email as a Proof in my G-mail Account!

    This is an Idea Stealing strategy & I see that you people are very Smart to take the ideas from other articles.

    If i will not get Justice, this Blog really don’t have a Place for other writers!!! No Copyright & Rules!!!!

    Much Much Disapointed!!! Veryy Much!!!!

  8. Waleed Ahmed says

    Well Good Luck to All of you People that are taking Turns for Article// ArTicle Musical Chair,

    I have been totally Heart Broken & will Never write for Pakwheels again, Cause that was my Very First Article Filled with Hopes, Enthusiasm & PW’s Loyalty since 2009!!!

    Now im feeling nothing but Full of Disappointments from PW Blog that I thought that they give chances to Every New WORTHY Writer & Encourages them! But I was DEAD WRONGG!!! 🙁

    I hope Mr.LIBRA would see it!

  9. Sikander Khan says

    Honda was the first one to introduce cvt transmission in Pakistan, but it was a flop owing to the CNG trend back in the days, the city steermatic even had those paddle shifter like buttons, but who cares; when Toyota sells their corolla with cvt and paddle shifters as their USP in Grande. Yes I agree that delaying the launch of 6th gen city is injustice to the people, and the quality of city’s has deteriorated through the years but that’s not Honda- that’s every car manufacturer in Pakistan. If the government creates a feasible environment for south Korean companies like KIA & Hyundai, then Honda, Toyota and Suzuki will have no other option but to
    introduce new models with better build quality and so on.

  10. Waleed Ahmed says

    Hopes to get Viral Someday by Stealing other People’s Ideas!! BRAVOOO!!!

  11. Waleed Ahmed says

    My Article about HONDA City HYBRID Never got Published by PW Blog Admin, Why??

    Cause I am not Fahad Mehmood or any other Famous writer or Someone close to Admin!!!

  12. Guest says

    I find it funny how all the people complaining about their article not getting published can’t even write a simple post with correct grammar. Maybe you guys should consider the possibility that your article simply did not meet the quality standards.

  13. Fahad Mehmood says

    Err. I’m sorry but according to you, the article you emailed to Mr.
    Baber was about Honda City Hybrid aka The Honda Grace, right?

    Well, my dear friend, I’ve added just a single line about that particular car. I don’t know why you’re complaining about this.

    I’m really very sorry about what happened with you but to be honest,
    I’m literally shattered by the response of yours. We put hours of work
    and energy in our write ups and someone comes up and say that it was
    his/her idea, that’s terrible.

    About your article not getting
    published, there are many other ways of registering your complaint
    rather than bashing someone else’s article.

  14. Baber says

    This isn’t your idea. Your idea was written by a overly-enthusiastic Honda fan. But I do apologize for not getting back to you.
    I’ve attached your article, you can read and compare both articles.

  15. true says

    kia khap dali howe hai. article he tha na , article na post howa jaisai koi gf hath sai nikal gae. chad b dai ab. I

  16. Mustan says

    would be good if you compare the Pakistani Toyota with the rest of the world as well.

  17. Saad Ahmed says

    is there any way i can be of service to people with my knowledge in automobiles ?

  18. Saad Ahmed says

    kindly inbox me

  19. Fahad Ullah says

    Check your email.

  20. Mohsin Turk says

    Oops. I was going to buy Aspire, but this article shattered my plan. Is the aspire have the same pathetic out look/out put or ATLAS have improved some thing?

  21. GUEST says

    I can give you brief info that wht all cars made in Pakistan none of them again state None of them is International Standards Worthy, while its not companies, people need to change this stuff if those Companies/Corporations are able to sell the stuff then why to change it.
    If all consumers say no to pathetic Toyota/Honda/Suzuki Cars Made in Pakistan i am sure they have to change the current manufacturing recipe to satisfy the customer, we buy Corolla its better in all roads, we buy Honda Civic its nice in Civilized World and Paved Road and nice to look, and buy City as we cannot afford Civic or its Fuel Consumption and they are serving the purpose.
    Biggest risk is Safety Features and Crash test, none of vehicle from Pakistan is having that.

  22. Ali Usman says

    That is the main reason I don’t want to change my 1995 civic…lol

  23. Omer says

    From a business stand point, some good facts to look at could be number of units sold in each country, current auto policy, expected policy changes in near future. Ease of importing a car in similar category? These are some things which are stopping car manufacturers to launch new models in Pakistan. We need to make policies and market conditions more conducive for the auto manufacturers, so they are able to bring in new models as soon as they become available globally. I believe that we should make auto assembling so cheap in Pakistan that all neighboring countries start importing from us.

  24. Zia says

    CVT as far as I know is not successfull with CNG. This might be the reason of returning from CVT to prosmatec for Honda city. As I remember the VARIO version and the steermatic were having CVT around 2003-2007.

  25. HITMAN says

    Thank you for not publishing this POS article

  26. Nabeel Farooqui says

    Vti FTW

  27. Asfand Yar says

    thanks you guest! you saved me from writing a reply..

  28. Fahad Mehmood says

    If you want to compromise, you can get this.
    TIP: Dont go for the Prosmatec. It’s heavy on fuel.

  29. Guest says

    Compromise at what aspects? Any suggestion in the same price tag? I am bit hatefull to Toyota. Had New GLI but did like it.

  30. Mohsin Turk says

    Compromise at what aspects? Any suggestion in the same price tag? I am bit hatefull towards Toyota. Had New GLI but did not like it.

  31. Sarbland Malik says

    I wish the imported cars may change our mindset and the monopoly of local car industry. We are such a fool nation that still purchasing the same shape of Mehran since 1990. No safety features even in luxury cars..

  32. abdul salam says

    I am not agree about your opinion and analysis about the civic 1 things you should be clear that in Pakistan there is no such home car manufacturing can compare to globally manufacturers or rest of the world.In Pakistan there are two rivals that is corolla and Honda.teyota corolla is also called dumb and dumper corrola can never equal to Honda at any level performance durable road grip suspension and specially their brakes.

  33. Mohsin Turk says

    Any Idea how much heavy on fuel? I am more interested in prosmatec rather then manual.

  34. Fahad Mehmood says

    My car has done almost 6k on the ODO and the mileage it delivers is not above than 11km/l in the urban and 13-14km/l on highways. For further information on it, please visit new car section.

  35. Waleed Ahmed says

    My Article is Much Better than many here, the Only Reason it didn’t got Published is Clear that I don’t know any of you personally or close to someone! & You don’t have the right to publish my article here publically So someone else would get it!!!

  36. Waleed Ahmed says

    & who are you to say that? Editor @ TopGear??

    You don’t even have the guts to be here with your real Name! A Fictional HITMAN Character! :/

  37. Waleed Ahmed says

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  38. Waleed Ahmed says

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    Yes My article was different, it was about Just City Hybrid but what I saw was many other articless even very simpler than me have got Published & it was the Worst response time i had got!! May be that is a co incidence that i had submitted About Grace but what I see Musical Chairs made me & many others doubtful!! &

    Don’t worry dears!! I will never ever be Enthusiast to write here Because the First chance is always for the Mods!! 🙁

  39. Waleed Ahmed says

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    The thing is their are only some writers that have the Control to write here, & no one can else come forward!!!! Sadly!!!

  40. Waleed Ahmed says

    Overly Enthusiastic!! Yea Like other article writers are from Motortrend or Topgear!!!

    I have seen the quality of these articles, & I am very very Disapointed how you read & Evaluate someones writing by saying words like that, I had covered many aspects,

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    Result is I never Wanna Write in this Biast Blog!!!! Badly Badly Disappointed!!!

  41. Waleed Ahmed says

    & Yes a Very PLATINUM SUGGESTION for PW’s Blog Editor

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  42. Waleed Ahmed says

    May be that’s also a Co Incidence that right after two weeks of my Submission a Guy with Much Strong Approach to BBK & have Many Featured Articles, Publishes about Latest City’s Article with a Changed Idea & Included CITY HYBRID as a InsideTopic & Perhaps a NEWS about City HYBRID that was given by me!!!


  43. Waleed Ahmed says

    May be you have the Guts to post as who you really are & please point out the Grammatical mistakes?

  44. Waleed Ahmed says

    I complained But the response was sooo Good that I found no other way!
    Sorry to Bash your ONE of the Article, & Mine’s First ever Article which didn’t got Published!

    & It would be nice if you people help by editing with consent to ENCOURAGE new Writers to come forward!!

  45. HITMAN says


  46. Fahad Mehmood says

    Compromise the value for your cash, comfort and mileage( Prosmatec only)

  47. Count says

    That is why I bought a Japanese Imported car and will do the same in the future.

  48. Mohsin Turk says

    Thanks bro. Made booking for M/T. Waiting for delivery.

  49. Fahad Mehmood says

    Good choice. The Prosmatec has a very good drive but I seriously do not recommend it due to its bad fuel economy. I mean, City is meant to give a good mileage, its an economical car.

  50. Adnan Syed says

    New Honda city aka grace in japan is already available in hybrid. Someone suggest we stop buying pathetic cars made by toyota /honda /suzuki. What else available in the market re conditioned models. Some of them bought as a scrap accidented cars repaired and sold in rhe market at a high price. When take ur car to the mechanic or good enough catch that thing then u know u r cheated. Actual thing is the policy, flexible policy bring yamaha japan to pakistan. Same applied foe automobile sector. Re-conditioned cars don’t pose any competition for assemblers as its lack waeranty and certain other things.

  51. Bil says

    What is Cng bro?

  52. Bil says

    Agreed but , i reckon our government is to blame here. They have given protection to Atlas, Indus & Paksuzuki. Take any vehicle n ul end up with the same story mate. Be it Mehran, Bolan, Xli or a city every car we have here has almost nothin to offer except for a chasis with years old engine . Dnt knw when things wil change here.

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