Toyota Corolla Facelift Revealed, Sports A Redesigned Front

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The Geneva Motor Show 2015 has given us so many cars to drool at. Not all of them will be seen here in Pakistan, in fact, one or two, if we’re lucky but there is something in the grand show that would interest us, the Pakistanis.

Toyota has revealed a MMC of the current generation Corolla in an animated video. The video shows the new road safety assistance systems that will be equipped in the Corolla. Further, seen in the video is a revamped front with new headlamps, chrome grill and a new bumper. The rear has unnoticeable changes, if there are any.

It is reported via a source that the company had finalized a facelift for the Corolla prior to the introduction of the current generation model because the management at Toyota think that they are slow in revealing facelifts as compared to their counterparts.

Earlier, we reported the reveal of the Corolla Hybrid in China which carried similar changes as the one seen in the animated video. This means, Toyota would announce the Corolla facelift or the Corolla Hybrid in any of the forthcoming Asian Motor shows this year.

Below is the video that Toyota played at the Geneva:

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  1. Moose says

    The facelift looks very similar to the Corolla they released in the states. It’s good looking and not as in your face as the current face. But let’s see if this even comes here or not.

  2. Ramiz says

    Most of these features wont be coming to pakistan as they wont work here. for example lane changing alert. as there are no lanes on majority of the roads 😛

  3. Nabeel Farooqui says

    The auto high beams seem sweet though.

  4. Adnan Khan says

    This facelift won’t come to Pakistan anytime soon. New generation of Corolla’s are like hot cakes. why they would change the all conquering model soo soon.

  5. I Hare ToYoTA for its Drivers says

    It in fact is a NIGHTMARE for TOYOTA enthusiasts…. It automatically turn the high-beam off when it senses a vehicle in front…
    NO OFFENSE to the SANE Toyota drivers, but MOST TOYOTA drivers are FUCKING IDIOTS. Drive in streets with High-beams.

    They will probably tweak it to suit their idiocy.


  6. ramizraja says

    lol you cheeky bastud!

  7. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    I agree to this!!

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