Toyota Corolla Pre-Face Lift vs Face Lift


Pakistan Auto Industry is getting exciting and competitive in recent times. Big companies Suzuki, Honda, and Toyota introduced many new model vehicles and also improved their existing fleets. In the beginning of 2017, Honda and Suzuki introduced new models and upgraded their existing vehicles.

Let’s take a look at the Corolla Pre Face Lift Vs Face Lift model:

The overall profile of the car is pretty much the same as the pre facelift one. However, the redesigned headlamps and front grille give it a sportier and svelte look. The grille meshes together with the daylight running lamps, giving the Altis a streamlined front. New features include bi-beam LED headlamps replacing the halogen lights on the current model.
Sides on the Altis remain mostly unchanged. New 16 inch Aluminium rims replace the 15-inch wheel caps for the Altis variants. The wheel cap stays for the XLi and GLi. The side mirrors will now tilt downwards when you put the car in reverse to help you navigate narrow parking spaces easily. The rear lamps look similar to the Altis of old. Chrome detailing on the rear lights was added in addition to a redesigned LED lamp to give a 3D look for the outer lens.
Phantom Brown color has been added to the currently available options. The list of colors include:
  • Super White
  • Attitude Black
  • Graphite Gray
  • Silver
  • White
  • Phantom Brown
  • Dorado Gold
  • Strong Blue
Talking about the interior you’ll notice that the dashboard looks the same as before. Toyota points out that the soft textured material uses a double layered design. The joints and parting lines are hidden from view to give it a seamless feel.
The infotainment system has been upgraded with a 9″ TFT touchscreen complete with 3G/4G and a WiFi hotspot.
It includes a front and rear camera and a web cam.
USB ports are available on the front and back seats both to let you charge your phone on the go.
The air conditioner controls have been refined as well.
Frequently used switches have been replaced with toggle switches for easier operation.
A high contrast LCD display has been used for the climate control display for better visibility.
A total of 5 versions will be launched:
  • 1.3L XLi Manual
  • 1.3L GLi Manual/Automatic
  • 1.6L Altis Automatic
  • 1.8L Altis CVT-i/Manual
  • 1.8L Altis Grande CVT-i/Manual

The CVT models now come with Sports mode. The new driving mode has been added which emphasizes responsiveness and acceleration over comfort. Although the engine variants are the same as before, the drivetrain has been altered for most of the Corolla models.

New linear start assist (not available for 1.3L models) determines the drivers’ intentions by how hard they push the accelerator and switches the sensitivity of the pedal accordingly.
Safety Features:
Toyota has slightly upgraded the safety features in the Corolla models. These include:
  • ABS
  • Dual SRS bags
  • Front Seatbelts: 3-Point ELR with Pretensioner and Force Limiter
  • GOA Body with Reinforcement
  • ISOFIX Child Seat Anchors.


Notable Replies

  1. i think it has always been disapponting when we see Altis and xli with da same face, drsign,uniform interior nd exterior. a. person after spending two nd half million on alttis is nt a contented person when he finds da car under two million wd same design. i think there should be separate class for altis from gli nd xli like civic versus city. otherwise it is injustice wd da person who does not cherish da feeling of being differrent altogether.
    i want to see altis completely different frm gli nd xli on futurr

  2. i think dis is da problem to jump on conclusion.
    lets take dis opinion in dis way. if i own an altis grande a
    worth 2.6 million and another person owns gli wd da same face and design, it would be i justice wd da person whp has altis... to me personally it is unjust.

  3. nowhere did i favour any brand btw.... so chill

  4. i wonder why would u equal two trims in da same line.... 1.8 shuld sound different from me personally

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