Toyota pauses its self-driving car experiments following the Uber incident

On Tuesday, Toyota Motor announced that the company is suspending the testing of  its under developed autonomous vehicles following the Uber self-driving car accident. The accident involved one of Uber’s self-driving vehicles colliding a woman in Tempe, Arizona, and causing the death of the said woman.

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On a much different note, Maricopa County Attorney’s Office in Phoenix told recently that they had been waiting for the results of a thorough investigation conducted by Tempe Police regarding this incident. The results would determine whether the attorney’s office will have to file charges against Uber or not. The Police Chief of Tempe informed San Francisco Chronicle that the preliminary look of the video, which captured this fatal crash, indicated that the Uber is probably not at fault in this accident.

Toyota Research Institute is the division of the motor company that  has been testing its technology in California and Michigan. Toyota Motor Corp has reportedly been in talks with Uber to purchase Uber’s self-driving vehicle technology. However, there are no solid reports that have been surfaced on that matter yet.

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