BMW might face heavy fine over cheating in diesel emissions test

It seems that bad days for German Automobile giant BMW are close, as a lawsuit has been filed against the company in the USA for installing devices to trick the diesel emissions test.

It is being reported that the emissions in BMW cars are 27 times more than it is allowed by the US Government. Some are even arguing that these cars shouldn’t be allowed to run on the road as the company deliberately cheated the tests and its loyal customers.

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The suit which has been filed in the court mentions that BMW X5 and 335D diesel vehicles shipped in 2009-13, are the ones which were equipped with cheat devices to trick the tests. It would be worth mentioning here that suit doesn’t mention other cars than the cars mentioned above.

A few days back German authorities raided BMW headquarters in Munich for the very same purpose of investigating cheat in emissions test.

Previously, Volkswagen was sued and fined for cheating in emissions test and now if this lawsuit results in success, BMW might also face huge fine worth billions of Dollars.

This is not the first time BMW is facing massive backlash, as in January 2018 it was revealed that German companies BMW, Volkswagen, and Daimler were involved in funding experiments on humans and monkeys which are dangerous for heart, lungs and respiratory system. Basically, humans and monkeys were exposed to hazardous diesel fumes. However, the companies in question denied the charge and asserted that it was done without their knowledge.

The action was then harshly criticised by the human right organisations and from German Government as well. It was termed as highly unethical.

Let’s see how BMW cope with the situation.

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