Toyota Recalls Prius, Again!

In a very surprising move yesterday, Toyota Corporation announced that it was recalling more than 340,000 Toyota Prius units worldwide, over some faults with the vehicle’s brakes. According to Toyota USA News Room; (Approx.) 92,000 Prius units of Model Year 2016 and 2017 will be recalled from America. While 212,000 units from Japan and the rest of the units from Europe and other markets will be recalled. The biggest attribute of this recall can be linked to the possibility of the parking brake becoming inoperative. To put things into perspective, Toyota is saying that in this situation, if the driver exits the vehicle with transmission in gear other than ‘Park’ while the ignition is still on, the vehicle could possibly roll away, increasing the risk of a crash. So far, the company has asked its dealers to add clips on top of the brake cable dust boots, in order to prevent cable from becoming inoperative, at no cost of customers. However, the company has mentioned that all know owners of the involved vehicles will be notified by first class mail starting in November. Adding the popularity of Prius in Pakistan to this circumstances, a lot of people have imported this (2016 Model Prius) car in Pakistan. Pakistani owners of this (Privately Imported) model are advised to contact Toyota Japan for further information.

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  • Guest

    First class mail.

  • Zee

    ‘…no cost of customers…’
    ‘…all know owners of the involved vehicles…’

  • waqar ahmed

    I am auto mechanic running a computerized workshop in Rawalpindi, i do not recommend Hybrid vehicle in Pakistan, due to manufacturing faults, many people are facing trouble in PRIUS AND AQUA, Anyways, if anybody hvave a problem in computerized vehicle contact me at 0331560002t. thanks

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    What problems?

  • waqar ahmed

    sorry, 0331-5600026

  • waqar ahmed