Toyota reveals self-driving store on wheels

Every big automaker in the world, be it Tesla or BMW, is trying their level best to make a fully autonomous car. Many auto manufacturers have even given the date of release for their vehicles. And now Toyota – a company that never fails to amaze auto enthusiasts with its concepts and technology, has unveiled a self-driving store on wheels. Yes, you read it right, store on wheels. This new concept vehicle, if commissioned, will be used for e-commerce, ridesharing, and medical services.

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The company has named this new vehicle “e-Palette,” which is an electric and self-driving box-shaped vehicle.

Imagine a scenario where you don’t need to go to the store for buying household items, Pizza or any other thing instead; the store comes to you – amazing isn’t it.

Toyota e-Palette

Toyota e-Palette


Toyota in regards to this amazing vehicle said, “It is an open, flexible platform easily adapted to suit a range of uses, including ride-sharing, delivery, and retail.” Toyota will showcase this latest concept vehicle at upcoming Olympics, taking place in Japan, in collaboration with different companies such as Uber, Pizza Hut, and Amazon, etc.

The Japanese Automaker while unveiling the product, demonstrated how it delivers packages, or how consumers can use this box-shaped store. The President of the company Akio Toyoda said, we are pushing ourselves to compete with the pressure coming from Silicon Valley. It may be worth mentioning here that Silicon Valley giants Apple, Google and Facebook are venturing into the field of manufacturing the autonomous vehicles, so automobile manufacturers like Toyota have all the right to go on the felony.

However, there’s a possibility that this concept vehicle might never go into production. Let’s wait and see how events unfold. Until then stay tuned to for reliable and exciting news regarding automotive.





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